Twitter has allocated these entries identifying mark, attached links where users can find publications on this topic. Service representative Lindsay McCallum explained that “tweets” head of state “contain potentially inaccurate information about the voting process,” but because the company found it necessary “to put them in more context”. Previously, the service has published rules describing how to put such a mark in user accounts.

it is Noteworthy that the “additional facts” “Twitter” suggested publications CNN and other liberal media, with which the head of state is a relentless information war, in turn accusing them of fake news about his presidency and naming “enemies of the people”. Even more curious the fact that Twitter challenged not the facts that do you can check: trump’s words about the risks of postal voting are more likely to value judgments, his personal opinion. These risks do exist, this is acknowledged even by opponents of the President, the dispute only about the scope. Thus, service, in fact, refused to Trump the right to Express his assessment.

the Response from the White house has not kept itself waiting. Twitter has come to intervene in presidential elections-2020, – with indignation trump wrote. They completely stifle freedom of speech, but as President, I will not allow it!” “We always knew that Silicon valley would trigger all the stop-cocks, to prevent the communication of trump with voters,” – said the head of his campaign staff brad Parscale.

the Collision was inevitable. Twitter for trump was the main platform of virtual communication with voters, from the very start of his presidential campaign, and after settling in the White house “tweets” of the head of the tarp funds have become the most resonant mouthpiece of his policies, replacing the official statement of the press service. Via Twitter trump has announced the severance of treaties, appointments, and other breaking news. Opponents of trump has long complained that he allegedly sometimes “tweets” the false information that his supporters take for granted, and therefore demanded that Twitter and other social networks to censor its message.

In fact the problem is even wider and concerns the issue of fake news in General. Social networks with their explosive growth in the popularity and freedom of placement of information in recent years become a fertile ground for the spread of false information. Against this background, calls for censorship in social networks, even in America, where such limitations are going very reluctantly.

the Question of how America will vote in November, is becoming more acute. The pandemic actually killed the season of campaigning and the primaries this year. Not far off elections of the President��cient, and coronavirus crisis though and turned in the direction of decline, but far from complete. In addition, many experts are predicting a second wave of disease in the approaching cold weather. Opponents of the President from the Democratic party are trying to more widely implement the voting procedure by mail, explaining the desire to ensure social distancing. The authorities of the States of Michigan and Nevada have already announced such measures. The Federal election Commission said that if by November due to coronavirus crisis to go to the polls will be unsafe, the vote conducted by email but it needs to start preparing now. However, in the United States, each region decides how to vote, and the powers of the Commission are restricted to the supervision of compliance with the rules on campaign Finance. But trump and the Republicans are strongly against mass remote voting. They insist that it will open the door to fraud. Namely, the Democrats thus supposedly will have more opportunities to distribute the ballots to illegal migrants and other, non-voting, whose sympathies are not on the side of trump and the Republicans.

This entry with criticism of voting by mail became the first “tweet” trump, who came under censorship, as evidenced by the marked with an exclamation mark and a proposal to find more “facts”.