the author of the idea – the co-Chairman of the regional branch of the Russian popular front, the volunteer and the Deputy of the city Duma Anastasiya German.

– the Idea was born two months ago, when we all went to the self-isolation, she said. – I would like to thank the doctors for what they are on the front line and fight for our lives.

Before you start work, the sponsors enlisted the support of the residents of the house and received permission from the managing company. Over graffiti worked two artists, in total, the image took 38 hours and a hundred liters of paint.

– we already Have feedback from the 40th hospital, Anastasia said the German. The day before yesterday in the evening a nurse came, said, “Thank you to the doctors”. And the next day the doctor posted a photo of graffiti on the Internet and thanked. Unexpected and very nice!

Graffiti in support of the doctors do in other cities of Russia.

for Example, in Tyumen, street artists have made the eight-meter picture on the wall of a hostel of medical University – in front of the regional clinical hospital N1. In Krasnodar, the appreciation of street art has appeared near regional clinical hospital N1.