American President Donald trump said that “used” the former adviser to John Bolton, because of the presence of the officer helped him to win the negotiations.

About the American President said during a conversation with radio host Hugh Hewitt.

During the interview, the journalist asked, is it true that trump “has approved the decision of the President XI Jinping on the placement of Uighurs in the camp”, as Bolton wrote in his memoirs.

“He’s a liar, just a sick person. I have appointed him, and everyone said that I didn’t do it, because it is not all in the head. I did it and, frankly, I’ve used it,” replied trump.

The White house added that every time he came into the room along with Bolton, he knew that thus wins the negotiations.

“everybody started to think that I want war… I now understand why we were in the middle East. Because he was involved in it,” said trump.