Model of a popular brand Fashion Nova is slang for the artificial appearance in the photo in a revealing outfit. Photo appeared on Instagram account of the brand.

located On the frame of a model posing in a set of translucent material consisting of a crop top and pants cost $ 60 (4375 rubles). Through the fabric of the product is x-rayed Breasts girls.

Customers Fashion Nova cursed model in the comments under the post, accusing it of abuse of plastic surgery. They found that the proportions of the model does not meet the standards of the human body. “These photos look to such an extent unrealistic that I can’t stop laughing”, “What the hell is that? This is not a man”, “You can invite the normal models?”, “People do not look” — said they.

Earlier in August, revealing clothes advertising model of the same brand abused for unnatural figure. In the photo she is posing in a black bodysuit with a cutout in the waist area. The lower part of the products are made in the form of highly stretched panties-thongs, which confused some buyers.