The US President Donald trump said that presence of Russia in the G7 requires common sense. According to him, half of the meetings of the G7 devoted to Russia, and if there was a President of the country Vladimir Putin, the questions would be so much easier to solve. “We’re sitting there and wasting time, because in order to do it, someone needs to call Putin on various issues. So I say, need to, he was in the hall,” said Mr. trump radio Fox (quoted by TASS). “It’s not about whether they deserve it or not, it’s common sense”, he added and reminded that earlier Russia was in the G8.In response to the question, what did Vladimir Putin to gain his confidence and return to the G8, Mr. trump called the using in the oil industry. “Well, he helped us with the oil industry, which is good for him, too, and we picked it up and can now save millions of jobs in Texas North Dakota and elsewhere in Oklahoma. Now (production) there stable. They (oil prices) fell to zero, it would cost 5 million jobs. But it’s not a matter of what he (Putin) did. It is a matter of common sense,” said Donald trump. The US President also said he wants to conclude an agreement on nuclear weapons.1 Jun Donald trump told Vladimir Putin about his idea of the G7 summit with the participation of Russia, Australia, India and South Korea. However, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that his country does not support the return of Russia to the G7 due to “continuing her disrespect and violations of international regulations.” It was opposed by the UK.More info on the Donald trump — in the material “Kommersant”, “Russia offered the deal of the G7+”.