Seasonal decline of investment activity in may, as well as the extension of the quarantine weakly affected the market of collective investments. The volume of borrowings in mutual funds increased in comparison with April and amounted to RUB 8.4 billion, but still significantly inferior to the beginning of the year. The most popular in the reporting period used conservative tools — bond funds that investors have invested over RUB 4 billion due To the continuing interest from customers, the operating companies expanded the range of investment products.In the last month of spring, the high activity of shareholders in the collective investment market remained. According to Investfunds, net inflows into mutual funds amounted to 8.4 billion rubles., which is 4% higher than in April. However, this result is three times lower than the record set in December last year, and the average value for the first two months 2020 (27.6 billion rubles). “The continuation of the cycle to reduce the key rate by the Bank of Russia promotes growth of interest of population to invest”,— says CEO of “VTB Capital Investments” Vladimir Potapov.May result — a significant achievement for the industry. In the last month of spring is a seasonal decline in business activity. This year the fifth of the month fell on public holidays, when banks and asset managers don’t work. Moreover, in the last month in the country was extended quarantine restrictions that adversely affects the indicators of attracting customers through the main channel banks. According to the survey the largest management companies in may, the banks accounted for only 10-20% of the total volume of attracted funds compared to 80-95% in the beginning of the year. However, as noted by the head of sales Department of “Sberbank asset Management” Andrey Makarov, “banks and asset managers did a great job on the digitalization of services and now investors wide opportunities online.”In April, the main demand from investors enjoyed the most risky equity funds. In may, leaders of the borrowings became conservative bond funds. According to “Kommersant”, based on data Investfunds, pure inflow of means in funds of this category amounted to RUB 4.2 billion, While equity funds received 2.9 billion rubles, funds of the mixed investments of RUB 1.4 billion At the same time, funds of funds and money market funds investors withdrew about 100 million rubles. To support the interest of retail investors, market participants, actively expanded the product offerings. According to the survey, “b”, two month quarantine management company (“VTB Capital asset Management”, “Opening”, “Raiffeisen Capital” and “System Capital”) has launched four classic mutual Fund (two Fund stock, mixed Fund��’s investment and the bond Fund) and two exchange-traded mutual Fund (BPIF). Thus the distinguishing feature of funds “VTB Capital” was the fact that the managers for investment of the Fund will be guided by the principles for responsible investment (ESG). According to General Director of “Raiffeisen Capital” Olga Suminoe, BPIF — the most simple and transparent product with a clear investment idea, and remote operations. Typically, exchange-traded funds focused on various indexes such as stock market and commodity.While in the summer months, the activity of private investors on the asset management market can grow. “While maintaining the current positive dynamics in the financial markets, the success of removing quarantine restrictions and the restoration of business activity both in Russia and in the world external Fund will help preserve the positive dynamics of the tributaries,”— said Andrey Makarov. However, “the expected reduction in income as a result of the pandemic is likely to be a limiting factor funds,” points out Vladimir Potapov.Vitaly Gaydayev