The US President Donald trump, speaking on mandatory for American leader qualities, stressed that the White house needs to have a sharp mind, and called the current presidents who can boast of outstanding intellectual abilities.

Trump cited the example of Chinese President XI Jinping, Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The conversation about the intellectual abilities of the world’s politicians came during an interview the us President gave the FoxNews channel. Trump believes that his opponent in future elections, Joseph Biden need to be tested for cognitive ability as a person who wants to occupy the Oval office, cannot be “less smart” than the heads of other States, which are difficult relations.

Because I can tell you that President XI sharp mind, President Putin sharp mind, Erdogan is keen mind, it is impossible to have someone about whom you cannot say it is 100%. We are dealing with people who would make us something really bad, if I could. You have to be smarter than them, explained their point of view policies.

He said that he passed the test on cognitive ability, “very difficult”, and showed a good result.

Wrote earlier, former assistant to the President for homeland security John Bolton believes that Donald trump loses in opposition to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in many respects. According to him, “this is not a fair fight”.