Pandemic coronavirus revived the market of gaming consoles, which in spring and summer, as a rule, are in decline. The demand for goods from this category increased in the second quarter of 2020 300% compared to the previous year, follows from the data on the sales of “AliExpress Russia”.

It is best during this period were sold from the PlayStation console, namely the PS Pro 1 Tb GOW + HZD and PS Slim 1 Tb GOW + TLOU + DG, some of them behind the Xbox One’s 1 Tb, RBC.

Also increased by 40% the demand for accessories for games, particularly gamepads. Analysts said the growing popularity of the controller, the Dualshock 4 Gamepad for PlayStation. It is noted that the quarantine gamers actively buying cards virtual account PlayStation, according to experts, users are increasingly buying games online and not on the media.

AliExpress experts believe that 2020 will be a landmark for manufacturers of gaming devices that have already announced the device in the next generation, spoke about their characteristics, as well as move towards digital content and the rejection of physical media.

Wrote earlier, resguardar will be trained and training in virtual reality. The party of special VR glasses are already delivered to Perm military Institute of National guard troops.