The security staff of Momo beach in the Turkish resort of Cesme beat 24-year-old Ukrainian top model Daria Kirilyuk and her friends. This model said in his profile in Instagram.

“we were attacked by the security service of Momo beach (Cesme, Turkey). Four girls were beaten on the face (including me), and the guys suffered,” — said Kirilyuk. The reason why the security guards beat young people, is still unknown. Victims have written statements to local police.

Later, at the beach there was a message, which says that the fight started inside the group, and guards the beach was only separated them, said Sputnik Armenia. However, this statement Kirilyuk was called a liar. “The fact that Momo doesn’t want to publicly release the video, says that they have something to hide” — said the victim.

Their records Kirilyuk published with the hashtag, “Stop violence against women”. Many Instagram users already sided with model and supported it.


Publish Kyryliuk from Daria (@dariakyryliuk) 2 Aug 2020 12:48 PDT