If you wonder, as accurately as I can translate from Belarusian word “bathed”, the Slavic brothers, likely to explain what to put in it the notion of something powerful, hot, bright. For more than ten years in the agrotown of Alexandria, in the birthplace of the President of Belarus, is a fascinating celebration of “Midsummer,” which gush with the national colors, and he was devoted to the celebration of the summer solstice.

More than a hundred thousand participants and guests, including from Russia and Ukraine gathered this year on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper, where these days, according to the tradition, purification by fire and water. In the agro-town the 11th and 12th of July, you can meet with various traditions, visit the town of craftsmen, which brought together artisans from all corners of Belarus.

In Alexandria, says learned, is always present a great atmosphere that allows you to plunge into the history of Belarusian traditions, to learn how to develop different creative direction. Craftswoman Tatiana Naumova, for example, is this year’s costume with traditional Khotimsk embroidery. “Because in ancient times it was on the pattern on the clothing was determined, from which the edges of the arrived people,” she said.

“Midsummer”, confirmed by the master Irina Koval, gives you the opportunity to experience the traditions of different regions. “It’s a festival, which combines modern culture and Belarusian traditions”. Irina, for example, engaged in weaving of straw in the regional center of children’s creativity, which experts called a real brand of Belarus. “Today, I have presented not only their work but also the work of their young students”, she said.

the Representative folk art of Shklov district Oksana Kuzenkova proudly announced that their exhibition can find the costumes, which for two centuries. “One of them we found in an abandoned house of one of villages of the district – here shirt, dark skirt and the apron.”

a nuggets from Orsha house of crafts who visit Alexandria every year, made this year an amazing gift from the tree. Here “we are charged with positive emotions, which are then reflected in the work”, – said the head of the house of crafts Vladimir Sokolov.

One of the interesting sites was in Alexandria and the “Corridor of ages”: and here Belarusian hut with a stove and cradle, and the attributes of the middle ages, suits of the war years. For guests of the festival have prepared a variety of workshops where everyone can try yourself in traditional Belarusian crafts, sums up the Agency.