As the club is unique and therapeutic for the soul of the film travel the festival “In the family” introduces the traditions, family life and the pursuit of happiness in different countries. This year it is first held in an online format and traditional – with the support of the state Corporation rostec and its head Sergei Chemezov. Until July 14 the program online screenings of 18 films from 15 countries: Israel, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Iran, USA, Lithuania, Kenya, Denmark, Latvia, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Russia.

an International jury is headed by actor Stanislav Lyubshin. The opening ceremony of the XV festival “In the family” only for the first night of the live broadcast was watched by more than 1.7 million people and this number is growing every day. President of the festival and head of the national program “family” Alexander Kovtunets told the “Russian newspaper” why the topic of the family and understanding generations has proved so popular.

You entered into serious competition for online viewers, after three months of isolation people sat only on the Internet. And already at the start of the festival “family” showed records of visits: one million seven hundred thousand views the first night. Was it difficult this year to collect international competition, how did this happen?

Alexander Kovtunets: in April, the program was fully formed. And when at the end of may, it became clear that the probability of our festival in live format because of the mode of isolation is very low, we began to shift to the live broadcast. And, of course, with a number of rights holders of the films it was difficult to negotiate. A few paintings fell off, what can we say. But when I got to know the situation at other festivals, there are films that were originally scheduled in the main program, flew tens.

90 percent of the films in our programme from other countries. Because, unfortunately, not so much in our country, a family of films, which could be presented and recommended for family viewing. But since we are working for many years with those companies, which create around the world is a family and children’s movies, then a certain level of trust exists and to the fact that we will make every effort to have these movies not been stolen during online shows. All copyrights have been respected. And in many ways serious content protection was the factor, why the “Classmates” and OKKO become partners.

Very interesting films presented in the program from Brazil, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and many other countries. In addition, we show the retrospective of films-laureates of the past years to support our festival. On the other hand, we decided not to overload the festival this year, because we understand that one day the audience still more than four or five paintings look, and the timing has dropped. We decided to strive not for quantity but for quality.

Alexander Kovtunets: the Festival is held in many major Russian cities, and the last few years, it has been held in Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl emphasis this year will be?

do Not lose hope that the award-winning films we’ll show in Yaroslavl after the end of the festival, not only online, but in person the audience was able to see them. And specially to Yaroslavl on the business programme we have a number of additional training courses. For example, for training and creating positive content and your blogs, librarians, social and cultural workers of the Yaroslavl region. Quite often today without the ability to work online is difficult to achieve great success.

Great strides – it is considered how many subscribers?

Alexander Kovtunets: All depends on the topic. I during a pandemic, on his page in Instagram started in some educational work. Three times per week there are small stories – reflections, answers to people’s questions about family, about children, about a given situation. And for a short time already signed up to 82 thousand people. People are not getting enough light and good. Answers to real questions and not on flimsy issues. And we created the world’s first School of positive content. Learn how to make music that was interesting, two young men nicely played, not built.

One of your social short film festival, “to Be” in social networks has gained 70 million views. That is, people the theme of family is touching.

Alexander Kovtunets: are Now preparing a series of such short stories. In August we begin to remove “Right to be wrong” about people who live in marriage, but in the modern world in a pandemic they suddenly think that they no longer love each other. And what they need to do to again look at each other with loving eyes. Then the author will mention how not to despair even in the most difficult situation. A film “Children’s happiness” from the same series has already been released, – on the relation of children and parents with gadgets. And now preparing for a full meter. The main character in the painting – the rapper and blogger – will play Nikita Presnyakov. In the story he has no contact with the parents. But little by little it is changing, and at the end willing to give his life for his family. In this film, I hope to creatively and come into contact with Stanislav Andreyevich Lyubshin – his character plays a key role, just the role of the person who helps our main character to rethink his life.

Now we have time for rehearsals. Occur often. Nikita Presnyakov and writes music himself wrote a song that will play in the film.

All fifteen years of the festival shows not only the Russian and foreign films, world premieres, but also prepared a rich business program. This year it’s called “Family and challenges of time”.

Alexander Kovtunets: what just happened within isolation, can indeed be considered a challenge. It is unclear what to do, how to live people who are not accustomed for so long to be together, to be in the family, and then how not to divorce. How to respond to psychological difficulties. In a simple accessible form we are trying to discuss moral and spiritual aspects of the challenges facing many modern families.

And “family”, you can say, professionally, to melt the hearts of all the ice…

Alexander Kovtunets: In their projects and social programs we strive to create an atmosphere of absolute respect and attention, to touch everyone. And within our team love to do everything, and outside it to give. People feel it and therefore return to us year after year to all families.

as for the international film festival in such a difficult situation in the world when come to foreign guests is impossible, and from Russia, not from all regions you can still leave, opening the anniversary online film festival, we predicted that movies will look much more people than would be able to see them live at the festival. And, as always, tried to open the road to good pictures – then they become a favourite for many viewers who are looking for spiritual cinema.

help “RG”

the XV international film festival of family and children’s films “In the family” is supported by the state Corporation “rostec”, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova, the government of Yaroslavl region and the Federal Agency for youth Affairs.

in Just the last fifteen years of “family” the audience saw on the big screens of cinemas of Russia’s major cities, more than 450 films from 50 countries. The international jury, chaired by Stanislav Lubshin includes filmmakers from Russia, USA, Lithuania and India.

In the business program of the festival “family” – scientific-practical conference on the theme “Family and challenges of time”, lectures and workshops of leading Russian scientists and psychologists. Until 13 July at the XV International film festival of family and children’s films “In the family” is the II all-Russian Meeting of Children’s public councils under commissioners for the rights of the child in subjects of the Russian Federation. More than 700 young bloggers from 77 regions of Russia take part in the training.

See the art and the business about��Ranma XV festival “In the family” on live on the social network “Schoolmates” and on the platform of the online cinema Okko.