it is Assumed that the opportunity to study in the United States will lose several thousand Chinese young scholars came from universities in China, which, according to Washington, are associated with the people’s liberation army of China.

it is Expected that such in the United States and “biting the granite of science” citizens of China will be cancelled visa. As a result, they will have in the near future to leave the country. According to the newspaper the New York Times, the actual expulsion will affect not less than 3 thousand from 360 thousand Chinese graduate and undergraduate students currently studying in America.

it is Noted that US intelligence agencies suspect many Chinese researchers in espionage on American soil. The FBI and the U.S. justice Department has warned American universities and colleges about the danger of cooperation with China in the field of education. Any evidence of spyware activity and students from China, the public was not presented.

Observers do not exclude that the next step would be a complete ban on training Chinese nationals in American universities in a number of specialties. Currently on Capitol hill, where including under the influence of the epidemic COVID-19 is a strong anti-Chinese bi-partisan consensus is being developed openly discriminatory bill. It is expected that he will forbid the Chinese citizens to study natural and technical, engineering and mathematical Sciences at the undergraduate universities and graduate studies in the USA.

Recall that in last March, Washington has applied sanctions to a working in America for the Chinese media, and the number of accredited U.S. employees of leading publications, news agencies and TV channels of China was reduced by 40 percent. This decision applied to the Xinhua news Agency, China radio International publishing group, China Daily and China television network Global Television Network.

the increasingly aggressive actions of Washington against Beijing interpreted by many commentators as preparing US for long-term and open confrontation with China in the spirit of a new cold war. In particular, in recent years the current administration has US headed for the open use of political, economic, technological, and informational levers of pressure on China in a bid to undermine the potential of his opponent in the geopolitical arena, say Chinese media.