Political expert Volodymyr Pavlenko said that the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo tries to embroil Europe with China, but it did not work.

The expert believes that the attempts of the American Secretary of state is unsuccessful, because the EU only pretends to listen to US, and meanwhile acts in accordance with their interests.

Nodding and slapping a Chinese horror Mike Pompeo, the EU countries don’t forget to negotiate with China on the increase in the trade turnover and other mutual investments. And although we have to admit that Chinese projects in Europe (and Russia) in its promotion make their way through serious obstacles, they still slowly, but evolving, — said Vladimir Pavlenko, in his article on the portal “Regnum”.

He added that the country’s far East region picked up the trend of the EU. This greatly complicates the situation for the United States, because the United States hoped to establish with Japan, “anti-China Eastern NATO”.

The expert concludes that, losing influence in Europe, and in Asia, the US risks losing the whole of Eurasia.

Earlier wrote that Mike Pompeo said that the US is unhappy that China and Russia cooperate with African countries. In his opinion the latter is better to interact with the United States and its allies.