the Security Council (SC) the UN adopted the second Russian version of the resolution on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria through one checkpoint on the border with Turkey. This was stated by the permanent representative of Germany to the UN, Christoph Heusgen, reports TASS.

Four votes were for, against the draft in favor and seven members voting four other countries abstained. The document was supported by Russia, China, Vietnam and South Africa. Voted against UK, USA, France, Belgium, Germany, the Dominican Republic and Estonia. Abstained from voting Indonesia, the Niger, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Tunisia.

on 9 July, the security Council rejected the first version of the resolution Russia, which also has not received the required number of votes.

on July 8 reported that Russia proposed to the UN security Council to adopt its draft resolution on aid to Syria in return is rejected by the organization. Moscow considers it necessary to gradually phase out the mechanism of cross-border aid to Syria and proposes to extend the supply for six months through just one checkpoint on the border with Turkey — CAT “Bab – El-Hawa”.

In December 2019, Russia and China vetoed in the UN security Council to draft resolution Belgium, Germany and Kuwait on cross-border humanitarian assistance to Syria. These States were proposed to extend the validity of the mechanism, excluding the border crossing of al-Ramat, until January 10, 2021.