the President, Donald trump for the first time confirmed that the United States conducted covert cyber attack in 2018 against the Russian Agency for online research, which in Washington is accused of promoting intervention in the presidential election of 2016. The fact of cyber attacks reported for the first time in 2018, some us media.

trump gave confirmation of this fact during an interview conducted by mark Thyssen, Washington Post columnist and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld. Thiessen wrote in the article that during the interview he asked trump if he initiated a cyber attack? Trump replied, “Right.” In an interview, trump said that the cyber attack was part of a broader policy of confrontation with Russia. “No one (of US presidents) have not been tougher with Russia than I have” – said the head of the White house journalist.

During the interview, trump claimed that, unlike its predecessor Barka Obama, he acted based on intelligence reports about the alleged U.S. alleged Russian interference in the elections, initiating a cyber attack, CNN reports. Obama in December of 2016, announced the introduction of sanctions against Russia and adopted a decision on expulsion of some Russian diplomats.

According to Thiessen, senior US officials also confirmed the information about the cyber attack against the Russian Agency.