the Authorities of the States of Nevada, California and Oregon are being asked to provide additional financial assistance in the amount of trillion dollars. The corresponding letter has already been sent to the U.S. Congress. Regional budgets faced with a shortage of funds because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, said in a statement the Governor of Nevada.

“Our States now have to significantly reduce programs designed to help people and organizations that depend on funds of the local authorities. The rising costs of combating coronavirus has led to a serious shortfall in the budgets. Only in our state by 30 June it can range from 741 to 911 million dollars”, – TASS quoted the Governor of the state of Nevada Steve Sisolak.

the Governor announced in the state mode “budget emergency”, which taps funds from the emergency reserve Fund.

the United States still in the lead among countries in the number of infections. Diagnosis COVID-19 was confirmed in 1 million 346 thousand 723 people. Data lead experts of the Johns Hopkins University. Everything in the world from the coronavirus has affected 4 million 176 thousand 651 people.