What can we expect? Sanitary inlet filters and antiseptics on every corner we have seen in March. For each employee should be spelled out the way in which it will get from the building entrance to his workplace and the rest of the point inside the office, where he will have to go during the working day. The whole area of the office divided into zones and the employee will be able to access only those facilities for which he has a permit. But the floor will be a markup in order to dilute the flow of people and to prevent the accumulation of too many employees in one place.

Social distance will be observed always and everywhere: with Seating at tables, meetings in meeting rooms, in lobbies, corridors and stairwells. To make this requirement easier to comply with, the entire floor will be covered with a grid of squares – they will help to maintain the desired spacing. The use of elevators will only be allowed in the most extreme cases, with a maximum in one cabin can be two people. In the same places where the requirement of the race will be difficult, will appear a plexiglass partition.

We are waiting for total disinfection. All employees will be from head to toe treated with antiseptics, and common areas – disinfected at the end of the working day or shift. Each employee will be provided with an individual set of tools for the job – even ask for a pen or a pencil from colleagues will be an invalid license. Regular preventive treatment will be held throughout the day, and in the end another General. Wiping keyboards and mice will be daily, and desktops will have to stay the night empty for additional processing.

After using the copier or any other General equipment, control panel need to be wiped with a special cloth. Most of the documents we issued in electronic form and digitally sign.

prominent places will be flyers and posters with the requirements and regulations compliance protivomoroznyh rules. Each will have its own area of responsibility in terms of preventive measures.

Experts believe that if all of these conditions the return to office life can pass safely and will not provoke a new surge COVID-19. Forced disconnection will allow the groups to get together again, but will not give the infection to pass from person to person. How it will be convenient to work in such conditions, the practice will show. But, apparently, this set measures in varying degrees, become part of the “new normality”, which will bring us deliverance from the coronavirus.