Emerging from a six-week quarantine, Israel received another unplanned occasion. In the night of Thursday, after two days of grueling 17-hour meetings, the Supreme court has allowed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, against whom it was extended just three of the indictment, to shape the future coalition government. This means that a new Cabinet could be sworn in already next Wednesday and carry out yet another, the fourth, election is not required. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in Israel Vladimir Bader.Thursday morning in Israel, opened shopping malls, markets, gyms. Subject to the preceding and succeeding breaks it means the country removes the quarantine regime imposed six months ago in connection with the pandemic.The fact that the output of the two protracted crises, epidemiological, and political — took place in one day, of course, a coincidence, but very symbolic.Blondes are not less than sthalapuranam in the war against coronavirus emerged in Israel two weeks ago. It happened at a time when the amount recovered per day has exceeded the number of cases. The Israelis without removing the masks (for their absence is fined), saw the light at the end of the tunnel.In this case, being quarantined, people dream, what will be the exit. The reality in the end was not so shocking. Perhaps because already at the first stage of the weakening of quarantine measures were allowed to open hair salons, beauty salons, beauty salons. Strictly speaking, the beauty industry has revived itself — spur of the moment, clandestine way.The Israelis, though, and impress people a noisy, stubborn and disorderly, for the most part law-abiding and comply with the prohibitions. Told to sit at home, sat down, told to put on mask — wearing. But to sacrifice beauty turned out to be an unrealistic demand. Coordinate underground work (or very serious risk) hairdressers, manicurists, cosmetologists shared, as in the Soviet era samizdat: gave only his, and that was almost all. Demand was stronger than prohibition. The result had this shady business to quickly legitimize, not to discredit the law.Effect Keakuratan clearly showed to those who had not, it was clear that people are willing to tolerate virtually any difficulties, constraints, and even hardship, if it considers them reasonable, inevitable and, more importantly, fair, but absolutely not ready to accept the restrictions, if doubts in their legitimacy.So, the confusion and then indignation was aroused among the businesses allowed to open before everyone else, were furniture shops, including IKEA, the only commercial network who has the right to work. It is hard to imagine that the first need of snatchingSasa of a six-seat people’s homes is new chairs, sofas and cabinets. The Ministry of health (namely, that the Agency determines the boundaries of freedom in the context of a pandemic) could not clearly explain why flatly refused to open large shopping malls for reasons of epidemiological safety, but it opened all three branches of IKEA, each of which is not inferior to the size of the Mall.When there is no official explanation, there are versions unofficial. The reporters found that the co-owner of the Israel IKEA, the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jew direction— one of the largest supporters of the community Gursky Hasidim represented in Parliament and government Minister of health Rabbi Yaakov litzman. Mr litzman denies that “poradel the native little man”, but in the community it was perceived that way.Suspected nepotism, the head of the Ministry of health out of the trust of citizens. Meanwhile, the scandal accelerated the pace of removing restrictions: with many types of businesses that were going to open at later stages, had to hurry. As soon as the government (mostly through the words of the Ministry of health, in which power was actually given to the country) said that the markets, shopping malls and other crowded places to open even earlier, he immediately cited the example of IKEA and the Ministry of health had to give in.Intelligence risking the result on Thursday, the markets and shopping centers have opened, despite the fact that there is no single solution as there to provide the proverbial social distance. The proposal to register every visitor at the entrance and mark its transition from one sector to another was rejected by the owners of commercial properties.Authorities had to remove this requirement and to place the responsibility for compliance with sanitary regulations on business owners — let them control themselves. The same happened with the most common form of entertainment. Thursday-open parks, sports and playgrounds, lifted restrictions for sports on the air, but the beaches and swimming is still forbidden. That is, to walk and run along the sea can as much as anyone, but to go into the water — no, no.In this regard, the mayor of tel Aviv-Yafo Ron Huldai has said that will not force the city inspectors to drive bathers from the beach. “Who invented this nonsense,— he said,— he even performs!” And nobody objected to it.It is much more difficult and dangerous situation with children’s institutions and schools. With closing them started in Israel lives locked up: children at home — so parents there. The restoration of the economy and employment is possible only if the children in the case. And this is a sensitive issue. No one knows how the virus behaves the weakening of the quarantine, and to send in a reconnaissance babies — the test is overly harsh.Since the beginning of this week was when��yato’s decision to resume classes in the Junior and senior classes. Of the four children of my daughter in this category, only the second grade Shelly. On the eve I spent with both her parents, separately of the conversation to convince them not to risk a child (while attendance is optional). But the effect was zero. On Sunday, they sent the girl to school. In her group (class divided in half to provide a six-foot distance between the pupils) had only six kids. By Thursday attendance had grown to nine or slightly more than 50%.Sunday, may 15, due to open kindergartens and nurseries. There’s the logistics more difficult, the younger contingent. To understand, we must take into consideration the specifics of Israel. In every field, returning to a normal life, have their own problems. Next week will resume air travel and the movement of trains will look like in the new conditions of aircraft cabins and cars, how much will cost the tickets? By the end of the month the school will return all the students — how to maintain the division of classes into groups with no premises available, where to get twice as more teachers, more money for them? The reopening of cafés and restaurants, which now allowed only the sale of take-away, it only in mid-June, but with the opening of shopping centres, this process will not hold. As there to provide epidemiological safety?Much better than the worst pregnazone any stage all of it can be not only stopped but rewound back. Quantitative criteria for derogation defined. Some increase in incidence at the mass exit from quarantine is expected. But if the number of infected will be more than 100 a day and ill connected to the ventilator, will reach 250, will have to return restrictions.The new government, which in the night of Thursday gave the green light to the Supreme court, will have the opportunity to act to bring the country out of the crisis more carefully and dispassionately than that which entered the country in quarantine. Although at the head of both was and will be all the same Benjamin Netanyahu.But then it was the outgoing Prime Minister, who three times could not get the majority vote to form a government and that within a matter of weeks had to go to court. And therefore, taking decisions, including in the fight against the pandemic, he was guided not only by objective professional, but subjective, political considerations.Experienced, skillful politician, he managed to create such an atmosphere that the society was not to his political and ethical failures. Benjamin Netanyahu and his entourage predicted Israel million and nine million infected people, tens of thousands of victims that it was impossible even theoretically. But who will undertake to assume and to argue?So was prognozov��us less catastrophic predictions and suggestions more selective methods of combating the pandemic. The authorities did not focus on what is known and the priority risk groups. Meanwhile, it is in these groups had a wide mass infection, was recorded with a high mortality rate. The organization of the fight against the epidemic has not been transferred to the most prepared institution in the country Department of emergency situations in the Service of the rear. In the end, Israel has coped with the epidemic more successful than many, although could have done with fewer losses and errors.While Benjamin Netanyahu was the main winner and won the reputation of a suppressor of the epidemic, strayed from his opponents in the Supreme court and had the opportunity to shape the future of the coalition government, turning his main rival benny Gantz, who heads the unit “Kajol-Laban”, a Junior partner.