The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe confirmed that on may 11 the country is coming out of quarantine. However, in different regions the rhythm of the lifting of restrictions will be different. That next Monday is possible and what is still impossible, the Prime Minister reported to the French along with six members of his Cabinet. With details — the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarhanov.Press conference of Prime Minister was held after the Thursday morning meeting of the security Council under the chairmanship of the President of Emmanuel Macron. Release date from quarantine was confirmed at the meeting of the security Council. It remains the same — may 11, and this is the first news of the day. Before that, the government hinted that date could be pushed.As said the Prime Minister, he “has good news and less good news.” Good lies in the fact that the epidemic is on the decline, less good is that some departments showed worse results than expected. Health Minister Olivier Veran presented a map of the country painted in two colors: green and red. In red remain 32 Department, lying to the North-East of Paris, and the overseas Department of Mayotte. As mentioned, the number of patients there is relatively small, but the number of infections is increasing. In red left and the Central Department of the Ile-de-France, which is Paris.”Red” departments — with the sole exception of Mayotte — still out of quarantine, but they are still some restrictions, in particular, do not open gardens and parks, will not operate the schools. In other respects the conditions are equal, and the Minister of education Jean-Michel, Blanca confirmed, as of Monday, 85% of schools will be open and millions of schoolchildren are back at their desks. Recalling, however, that the final decision on the opening of certain schools and their visit will take mayors and parents of students.Economy Minister Bruno Le Mayor announced the opening of stores, institutions, service enterprises, but confirmed the ban on restaurants and bars. In the “green” zones catering will start to work since June 2, in the “red” yet the term is not defined. The Minister of labour Muriel of Panico promised to ensure that the health and rights of workers is not jeopardized. The Minister of transport Elizabeth Bourne warned that the line will be out only a part of suburban trains and high speed trains long-distance — first, 7%, 20% and then at the end of may 40%. She made restricting access to the subway station at peak times priority will be given to the people with the help of work.Interior Minister Christoph Kastner announced that it will remain closed indoor stadiums, theatres, cinemas. Until September, the Minister warned, will not be able to place sports Fes��their children, concerts, gathering more than 5 thousand people.It will be mandatory only when the movement over a distance of more than 100 km, it will have to be present at railway stations and airports, in trains, during roadside checks. Minister Castaner confirmed that the internal European borders will gradually open to allow to work freely in the border areas, but the borders of the Schengen area — in terms of France, will remain shut “till further notice”.