It is believed that operation on detention on the territory of the sanatorium “Belorusochka” of Minsk 33 Russian citizens, allegedly, mercenaries private military company “Wagner” was necessary to Alexander Lukashenko to create a suitable atmosphere. The presidential elections in Belarus will take place on August 9 and has never Alexander G. did not come to a direct election in such bad shape.

Competitors Lukashenko won another stage of collecting signatures. Victor Babariko – sitting in jail: he collected signatures, but made mistakes in the Declaration. Valery Tsepkalo – hiding in Russia , not to be in jail. However, the CEC turned half of his signatures and also refused to register. Sergei tikhanovski was in jail for two weeks after the official start of the election campaign.

Opposition the agenda was intercepted by the wife of Dekabristov. Candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski, Veronika Tsepkalo and the representative of Babariko Maria Kolesnikova teamed up and gathered a rally in Minsk. According to estimates by the human rights center “Viasna”, came to the event 63 thousand people.

Hardly Alexander Lukashenko in a panic, but the soul is still not in place. And, as noted by the Director of the Centre for European transformation Andrei Yahorau, the threat of destabilization appears regularly before the elections in Belarus. Opposition candidates also skeptical of the news about the Russian intervention.

We will remind, according to operational data, on the basis of which the detained Russians in the “Belorusochka” on the territory of the Republic there are 170 non-drinking fighters without weapons clothing military style. The Secretary of security Council of Belarus, Lieutenant-General Andrei Ravkov has not excluded that in case of threat to national security it is disconnected.

In the Kremlin declared the detained employees of chop, involved in the protection of energy facilities abroad, who rode the transit via Minsk to the third country and has not been involved in socio-political events in Belarus.

It is known that some of the detainees were volunteers in the Donbass. It could not react to Ukraine, which requires the extradition of detainees, with a Ukrainian passport. Moscow, in turn, said that he considers all the detained Russian citizens.

The question of how Russian mercenaries were in Minsk, why were they arrested and why is Lukashenka, said the first Prime Minister of the Donetsk people’s Republic, the head of the “Union of volunteers of Donbass” Alexander Boroday.

<a href = "SP": – In the Kremlin, the detainees were called by employees chop, Belarusian officials – soldiers of PMC. Among the detainees are indeed members of the military conflict in the Donbass?

But it really was. Those who enter the “Union of volunteers of the Donbassa”, can be employed in any company and for any position.

<a href = "SP": – What a group of Russians with combat experience were doing in Minsk?

– I them there, of course, did not send, so I can’t be sure 100%, but 99.9% I am sure their goal was very simple – Minsk is the possibility of air links with those countries where Russia now planes do not fly.

<a href = "SP": – the Ukrainian side will demand the extradition of the greater part of the detainees. For it is reasonable?

– All arrested persons – citizens of Russia, who was detained without reason. And even if some of the reasons for this were, the issue of jurisdiction needs to understand the justice of Belarus and Russia. The right to extradition of these citizens have no to Lukashenka.

<a href = "SP": – Why this story Lukashenka?

Is the standard “Lukashenka’s” provocation, having a finite nature. I am sure that Lukashenka bargain, look and all of our citizens will go to Russia. Especially anything illegal they are on the territory of Belarus, as I understand it, did not commit. In addition to the terrible, they were drunk and wore clothes in military style.

Options there are only two. Lukashenka is either a crazy paranoid or this is a political provocation. I do not think that Alexander Lukashenko is so crazy. Rather, it is the usual provocation.

The fact that he is not very confident feeling ahead of the upcoming elections and his anti-Russian measures were openly propagandistic.