The world the flight safety Foundation (Flight Safety Foundation) to find out why Ukraine has not closed the airspace over the Donbas, which led to the catastrophe of the Malaysian airliner MH-17 in 2014. Experts suggest that this was done because of greed: Kiev received the money for the flights of foreign passenger aircraft over the conflict zone.

In an interview, MK said a member of the world of the flight safety Foundation Sergey Melnichenko. He noted that the main question – why is the sky over Donbass was open to civilian aircraft.

“This is the first and most important question. Our International Advisory and analytical Agency “Safety of flights”, which I chair, immediately after the mh17 disaster has put that question. But then, nobody has wanted to seek an answer. All immediately rushed to look for the culprit,” said Sergey Melnichenko.

The expert noted that it is important that similar cases are not repeated.

According to him, the investigation of the West for the crash of Boeing, was turned on its head:

“In this situation, it was all done exactly the opposite. First appointed guilty. And then began to conduct an investigation…”.

Now the world the flight safety Foundation intends to understand and to name the true reason that led to the tragedy. This opinion needs to listen the court.

Melnichenko said that Kiev did not close the sky for economic reasons.

“how can it be explained? I think, greed… Height of six kilometers from the surface of the earth for the flight was closed. And the most beneficial for civil aviation flight levels is of the order of 10 km and above – to close were not in the hope that there firepower will not get. After all, for each such passage, any state, including Ukraine, gets a lot of money from airlines that use its air space. Money from the sky dripped, and they have decided to let it continue to drip,” explained the expert.

According to him, when MH-17 was shot down, no one thought of the gross negligence of the European and Ukrainian aviation authorities. Instead, the guilty immediately made Russia. And it was solely a political decision.

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Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that the Russian air defense officer, uncovered, who is actually involved in the crash of MH17.