the Spanish Parliament on Wednesday evening voted to approve a sixth two-week extension of the emergency regime in the country, which is valid from March 14, said the Guardian. The vote means that the exceptional measures, which formed the basis of one of the most stringent in Europe, the insulations at the time of a pandemic of mers, will now be valid until June 21.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro sánchez said during the meeting that the extension of isolation is necessary “to preserve the achievements made in the fight against the virus over the past three months.” According to him, the gradual easing of restrictive measures in the country is progressing well. “We will stay alert until the risk of infection will not disappear. And after that we will continue to work to identify the likelihood of new pandemics that we have a duty to prevent,” said Spanish Prime Minister.

the Decision was approved, said the observers, despite fierce opposition from the conservative people’s party and the movement Vox, who accused the Spanish government of “excessive restriction of liberties”. As the environment in Spain was 27 128 deaths from COVID-19 and 240 326 confirmed cases of infection.