Chauvin was charged last week with murder in the third degree and manslaughter in the second degree. Recall that he kept a knee on the neck of a Floyd for eight minutes and 46 seconds – nearly three minutes after the deceased African-American ceased to respond to external factors. He was taken to the medical centre County Hennepin in the ambulance and was declared dead about an hour. The new charge could carry a prison sentence of up to 40 years without the right to parole. This is 15 years longer than the maximum sentence for murder in the third degree, said Reuters.

Benjamin crump, the family’s lawyer Floyd, said that the family of the deceased was “deeply satisfied” with the Allison tightened the charges against Savena and other accused involved in the incident officers. According to Kramp, Allison has promised the family that they would continue the investigation into the death of Floyd and increase the charges to first-degree murder if it is justified. In this case Showino could face life imprisonment. For its part, the Star Tribune, publishing of Minnesota, citing sources in the Prosecutor’s office and local police announced that the other officers – Thomas lane, Jay Alexander Quango and Tou Tao – charged with aiding and abetting the murder.

Earlier it was reported that suture was involved in three fatal cases that occurred during arrests of African Americans. This police officer was filed 17 complaints by the detainees for his 19-year career. In a statement, the Prosecutor stated that the officer “acted in a wild way, without paying attention to human life.” Recall that earlier, the brother of George Floyd, Felonies Floyd, CNN said that he hopes that the police officers who were involved in the incident deserve the death penalty. “I never get my brother back. They talked to him worse than animals. We want justice,” said Pilones Floyd. At the time, Floyd and suture worked together “bouncers” in one of the bars of Minneapolis, and had hostile relations against each other.