The number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Brazil per day increased by 19 951. This is a new record for the South American States, which surpassed the 15 may, when it became known on 17 126 infected population.

In total, Brazil coronavirus was diagnosed in 291 of 579 people, reports RIA Novosti.

On this indicator the country from South America is in third place in the world, and at a similar rate of infection in the coming days can take the second place, beating Russia.

In Brazil, due to complications caused by a coronavirus, a day died 888 people, the total number of victims has reached 18 859. Cured at the moment 116 683 people.

Earlier reported that the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro warned that more stringent measures of social exclusion due to pandemic coronavirus will break the country. He explained that the funds for the salaries of public sector workers will not suffice. The politician noted that imposed by the governors in many regions of the quarantine measures exacerbate the crisis, and Brazil into a country of poor people.