TV presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva said that vitamin D helps in the prevention of coronavirus. According to her, the lack of this vitamin in the body making it vulnerable to COVID-19.

Antibodies meet after the meeting with the virus, but if your lymphocytes are working great, then met with the virus, these cells simply eat, will eat. Therefore, vitamin D is needed for this initial meeting [lymphocytes] with coronavirus infection, — stated in the message Malysheva on her page in Instagram.

Dr. Phil added that vitamin D helps to strengthen human bones, healthy heart and immune system. To its daily rate, according to Malysheva, it is possible, using four grams of cod liver or 100 grams of herring.

Dear friends! I decided to continue a series of posts telling about the risk factors COVID-19. Today we will talk about vitamin D. Its deficiency in the body is a serious threat to your health‼ this Why is this so? Are explained in detail in this video. Still have questions? Ask them in the comments and give ❤ this if the video was useful to you! #elenamalena #coronavirus #витаминD

Publish from Elena Malysheva ( 20 May, 2020 at 1:55 PDT

Earlier reported that overweight people at higher risk of Contracting coronavirus. Thus in such patients, the disease is often severe, said Elena Malysheva. According to her, obesity automatically detects the person at risk, as people with overweight, reduced immunity, so the body cannot fight infection.