the President of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen with his wife were spotted after midnight at a restaurant in Vienna, which was closed at 23:00 according to the restrictions imposed in the country in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. This publication reports the Kronen Zeitung, citing a police report.

As stated in the report, a police patrol saw the couple sitting on the terrace of the restaurant Sole in 00:20.

As the President explained, he, for the first time after the introduction of the isolation mode, out of the house to eat in the restaurant with his wife and two friends. They had stayed and lost track of time. “It was a mistake,” admitted van der Bellen.

the Director of the restaurant Aki Nuredini explained that all the food and drinks were served until 23:00, and then the restaurant closed, and the President with his wife and friends just left to sit on the terrace.

Now the magistrate of Vienna must decide whether to pay a fine of 30 € the owner of the restaurant. In principle, guests can sit at the tables and after the closure of the institution if they do not serve food and drinks. The President and his spouse the penalty is not threatened.

on may 15 in Austria opened catering establishments, but with many restrictions. They can work from 6 am to 11 PM, tables must be booked in advance between visitors must be observed distance, and the staff must wear masks.