this document was one of the key introduced by the heads of the Executive branch. Experts explain that it reflects the agreed approaches of countries in relation to the objectives, main tasks, directions of cooperation and mechanisms of interstate cooperation in the economic sphere.

As explained CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev, in the course of this meeting there was a proposal to approve this document as a whole and at the same time to authorize the Executive Committee to work with States to finalize the draft strategy, taking into account the circumstances related to the pandemic COVID-19.

In this regard, Lebedev was given to understand that the structures of international organizations have already conducted “extensive consultations with representatives of States on this issue. Most of them advocated the adoption of the strategy in the form in which it was approved by the Economic Council of the CIS”. During the discussion on this issue, the strategy was finally approved.

the Heads of government adopted and the agreement on joint communications system of the armed forces of States – participants of CIS, as well as on the establishment and functioning of the CIS network University.

in addition, approved by the vectors of cooperation between the CIS countries in the field of tourism, physical culture and sports in the years 2021-2030 and the main activities of cooperation in the field of culture for the years 2021-2025.

Approved at the meeting and forecast production and consumption of energy resources of the CIS for the period till 2030. Approved and priority areas of cooperation in the field of transport and the action plan dedicated to the Year of architecture and urban planning in the countries of the Commonwealth in the coming year.

in addition, during the conference call were approved the amended regulations on the competition for the award of the CIS for achievements in the field of quality of products and services, BelTA reports.