a Former employee of the Senate of the United States of Tara Reid, who claimed that 30 years ago were subjected to harassment by presidential candidate Joe Biden, asked him to withdraw from the electoral race. She stated in a Twitter interview with journalist Megyn Kelly.

Reid called Biden, who today is the most likely candidate from the Democratic party, to “take responsibility” and to withdraw from the presidential race, writes TASS. The woman noted that he would like such a thing, but “he will not do it.”

reed was assistant to Biden when he was a Senator from the state of Delaware. And April of this year she addressed the media with accusations against the politician. Biden called all untrue, noting that in Reid there are inconsistencies.

the U.S. Presidential election is scheduled for the third of November. The national Republican Convention will be held August 24-27 in Charlotte (North Carolina). It Republicans nominated President Donald trump for a second term. The Democrats in the primaries defeated Biden. The Democratic Convention will be held August 24-27 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).