Tajikistan was the first two deaths from coronavirus infection. This was stated by the Ministry of health of the country.

Only in Tajikistan the coronavirus was diagnosed in 76 people. Under medical supervision, with the signs of coronavirus are 2782 person. 217 patients were discharged from the hospital after inspection.

Earlier, the mayor of Dushanbe, Rustam Emomali ordered to deploy in the shortest possible time the provisional hospitals 3 thousand beds for patients with coronavirus infection. wrote that the UN development programme (UNDP) has decided to provide the Tajik authorities $600 thousand to fight the pandemic coronavirus. In addition, from Frankfurt-on-main in the country were delivered more than 3.5 tonnes methadone. He will go to ensure that HIV-positive people and continuous substitution therapy provided the polio vaccine and other medicines.

The Russian Embassy in Tajikistan said that the Russian tests for the coronavirus that developed in the scientific center “Vector”, proved to be effective. They identify the minimum number of foreign genetic material and do not give cross-reactions with other pathogens.