45-year-old actor, behind whose back two divorces, a huge number of romance novels, the fights and the birth of two children, shared with the audience the secret that hid for a long time.

Lera Kudryavtseva, the actor said that his childhood can not be called simple – his father was a plumber, a real expert. Between father and son was established enough trust relationship, but fate had his way, the man was diagnosed, and after a certain time he died.

When Basharov was in sixth or seventh grade of school, he accidentally found the documents. When Marat looked at the paper he had lost the gift of speech.

“I saw that written in the documents – A. Marat Basharov. Although in high school I studied under the name Yunisov – was the name of my father. I was surprised, and after a week I decided to ask my mom why. Mom took me to the kitchen, sat me down and said: “When I was young, I fell in love, and in love with me one person. Then you came along, and the man went away, never came back. And in four years I met another man who raised you,” he remembered Basharov.

“I didn’t know how to behave. I had two dads. I then gave the biological father to drink. We even popped up for a shot. He said to me: “Forgive me, son.” And I told him that he was not hurt. Sincerely not offended. But when we were in poverty, I remembered it. What are you, Alimzhan, a lot of money, some didn’t. But I’m still not offended by it,” he noted.

Since Basharov his father was never seen again. The meeting of father and son occurred in the Studio of “the Secret”. Kudryavtseva gave Marat and Alimzhan document – the result of a DNA test that proved that men do have each other relatives. But the surprises did not end there. It turned out that Basharova have a brother.

“I’m relieved. But surprisingly, I knew about father, and here the brother fell as snow on the head. About you I just found out today. With regard to the further communication – I will, of course, the phone will come when the father will call, but…” – he concluded.