The Commission the Ministry of defense launched an investigation into the crash of a MiG 31

ALMA-ATA, April 17 – RIA Novosti. Commission of the Ministry of defense of Kazakhstan has launched an investigation into the crash of the MiG-31 near Karaganda, the press service of the defense Ministry.

on Thursday during the execution of the planned flight near Karaganda crashed MiG-31 Military-air forces of Kazakhstan. After takeoff there was a fire in one of the engines of the aircraft. Having withdrawn the plane in the direction from the settlement, the pilots ejected. With herbs they were taken to the hospital. The condition of one of the pilots is satisfactory, the second – moderate severity.

According to the press release, which crashed fighter was ruled by experienced military pilots in the rank of colonels, having a total flight 1161 and 888 hours.

According to the defense, the crashed aircraft was manufactured in 1991. The plane crash was the fourth emergency incident with the MiG-31 in Kazakhstan. The previous one happened in 2007, 2008, and 2013.