COVID 19 stopping deportation from Canada SS man person involved in business in Russia

WASHINGTON, April 17 – RIA Novosti. The epidemic of coronavirus to prevent the authorities of Canada to begin consideration of the case about the possibility of the deportation of the SS man Helmut Oberlander, a suspect of SK of the Russian Federation of involvement in the murder of 27 thousand people in the USSR in August 1942, said RIA Novosti the representative of the Council for immigration and refugees of Canada (IRB) Anna Pape.

IRB is an independent administrative Tribunal Canada, decision of immigration appeals.

“Most of the cases the IRB was affected by the pandemic, all personal hearings and settle the cases was suspended until further order,” said Pape.

According to Pape, “a new in Oberlander no.” “The decision in the coming days is not expected”, – concluded the representative of the IRB.

If the case will move in the future, against Oberlander can be assigned to a hearing on its merits. These hearings can be resolved, whether justified charges against Oberlander, and only then he can be deported from the country.

Recently stripped of canadian citizenship 96-year-old former SS officer Oberlander involved in the shooting of 27 thousand people in the Rostov region in 1942, reported earlier, Russia’s Investigative Committee.

According to investigators, August 11-12, 1942, the Sonderkommando SS-10A, the security police and the SD under the pretext of resettlement was taken to the village of the zmievsky beam not less than 27 thousand people who were then shot. Oberlander is suspected, in particular, and aiding and abetting the mass murder of orphans in the country in October of 1942, about what was first said of the Kuban Department of the FSB in the draft RIA Novosti “Without time limitation”.

Russia’s Investigative Committee in February asked the canadian proceedings in the case of Oberlander, a former translator in force during the war in the South of the USSR Nazi unit that orchestrated the murder of 214 orphans in Yeysk and other crimes.

Earlier Oberlander was stripped of canadian citizenship on the grounds that it is not stated in the immigration documents, the fact of the service of the Nazis. An ethnic German born in Ukraine appears in the list of ten most wanted and not yet dead Nazi war criminals the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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