Beginning 1 July, the German presidency of the EU, which Berlin intends to carry out major renovation badly affected by the pandemic “common European home”, to promote relations with China, and firmly defend the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, promises a new battle characters world leaders.First and foremost, talking about “iron” Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who has long been perceived as an informal leader of the EU and believe in its global mission of the President of the United States Donald trump.Mrs Merkel has previously stated that the extraterritorial sanctions that the United States intends to introduce against the “Nord stream-2”, “do not meet the legal requirements and expectations”. However, she reiterated the commitment to hold until end of year summit, EU—China, while Donald trump demonstrates a growing intolerance to Beijing. Thus Angela Merkel made it clear that he accepts the challenge. Shortly after taking office, in may 2017, President trump made his first European tour, during which face-to-face met with Angela Merkel. And since then, relations have clearly went wrong. The evidence of this in recent years was not just ceremonial pictures of the two leaders posing in front of cameras with unnatural smiles or strained faces, but numerous leaks, the latest of which was published recently by CNN. “Some of the things he said Angela Merkel, just incredible: he called her “stupid” and accused that it is in the pocket of the Russians,” CNN reported a source close to the German Chancellor. According to him, the behaviour of Mr trump was “so aggressive”, which Berlin was forced to take additional measures as to the content of the interviews remained confidential and did not happen scandal.Photo: ReutersМежду the fellowship of Donald trump with other Western leaders suggests that his swordplay with Angela Merkel — is a manifestation of the General trend. According to the TV channel CNN, referring to several sources, President trump “routinely humiliated” by the President of France Emmanuel Makron, and the Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia, Justin Trudeau and Scott Morrison, at times taking himself to the point of sadism. He spared not even his closest European ally, British Prime Minister Theresa may, allegedly calling her “stupid”, unable to be firm on the issues of “Breccia”, relations with NATO and immigration issues.If you look at the world map and to analyze how close the relationship is of a country with the United States, it turns out paradoxical pattern: the most conflicting relations the President has a trump stack, with the leaders of the States, which are traditionally included in the list of the closest allies of ameriKi.What it is: the action of the known principle of “beat the that strangers were afraid” when under the hot hand fall trump Merkel, the Mei, the Makron?Apparently, it is something more. According to the traditional canons of American politics personal relations the current US President with the heads of other States — is a kind of new Washington is an anomaly, which causes us to grasp at the head of his opponents.Fighting with European leaders, he’s in a completely different way it behaves with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on the eve of elections in the US, pointedly inviting him to a G7 summit in Washington.And this despite the fact that, first, in America, do not cease passion about the alleged “Russian intervention” and second, none of the other members of “seven” except Donald trump and except that the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Vladimir Putin at the G7 summit doesn’t want to see. And now the likely democratic candidate in the election, Joe Biden accuses the incumbent President in unacceptable softness toward Moscow, and promises, if elected, to be with Vladimir Putin hard.Going further on the world map.The two Koreas — North and South best relationship Donald trump has developed a “dictator” Kim Jong-UN, while with the democratically elected leader of a state ally moon Jae-Otherwise, judging by leaks, too, did not grow together. To the extent that Donald trump did not want his participation in the bargaining between Washington and Pyongyang.Another example is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has earned the reputation of enfant terrible of the EU and NATO. The US can wage against the Ankara war of sanctions, but with Mr Erdogan Donald trump does not allow himself what he makes of the Euro-Atlantic allies.In General, everything is like illustrates the modern remake of our old songs about the main thing: “How many good girls, but something pulls on the bad.”Another former bad — Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi, who came to power, during the reign of President George W. Bush, was banned in the United States, but today enters the circle of the closest friends of the current American President.As you can see, unlike his opponents, going the coordinated column, a list of friends or potential friends of Donald trump, which also included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Brazilian President Air Bolsonaro, is very heterogeneous. What unites them is a desire to rule by a “strong hand” and to maintain strategic autonomy in world politics, not really trusting the rules of the collective game. And the idea of its special historical mission of returning his country to its former greatness, which is very much in tune trunovskogo “make America great again” (“return America to its former greatness”).So in the worldsOh politics, the unwritten rule: “Tell me who you trump, and I’ll tell you who you are.”