In connection with the sharp increase in the incidence of coronavirus Palestinian authority decided to close the West Bank of the Jordan river. While the quarantine will last for five days. About the beginning of the second wave and claim in Israel. Re-enter the quarantine there is not yet a plan, but preventive measures are tightening. To monitor the movements of infected with the coronavirus is now officially available, the General security Service of Israel (“Shabak”).From Friday on the West Bank of the Jordan river are closed all the settlements, transportation between them is suspended for five days. In the same period, will be allowed to work only pharmacies, bakeries and grocery stores. People are asked to observe security measures, not to leave the house without the need to observe social distance and wear masks. The Palestinian authority does not exclude the possibility that quarantine may be extended. The decision was taken after a new outbreak. Particularly affected settlements — Hebron and Bethlehem were closed last week, then throughout Palestine, resumed the work of the committees for emergency situations, tracks the situation in the settlements.According to the Ministry of health of Palestine, the number of cases of infection from 5 March (was the identified patient) has reached 3315. Of them are active, 2670, deaths — 11 (three of them in East Jerusalem). Daily gains — 220 cases, of which 199 in Hebron. Only 5% of the patients are in the hospital, rest home, among them there are those who do not comply with the quarantine.The second wave of the coronavirus saying and in Israel. About this on last week said the health Minister Yuli Edelstein. 1 July, the Knesset approved a law allowing the General security Service (“Shabak”) to track the location of people infected with coronavirus, and transmit information about them to the Ministry of health. While the validity of the law is limited to three weeks. Gradually re-tightened and quarantine measures. On Monday, the government decided on the ban on meeting with the participation of more than 50 people in the halls of the celebrations and cultural events can be no more than 250 people. On Thursday the Ministry of health recommended to tighten the requirements. During the same day a meeting of the government devoted to coronavirus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “We will introduce the necessary minimum of restrictions, to stop the outbreak and save the economy.”At the end of June was limited movement in several localities of the country, the quarantine speech does not go. Restricted public gatherings were allowed in Israel on may 15, two days later resumed classes in schools. By 27 may of the main PRempisini of the Ministry of health remains compulsory enforcement of social distance and wearing protective medical masks outside the home. Presenting in early may a plan to get out of quarantine, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that restrictive measures can only be returned if the number of infections per day will exceed 100 cases. On the morning of July 2, according to the health Ministry, daily gain of infected were 905 people, 4 people died. Only in Israel revealed more than 26.4 thousand cases of the incidence of coronavirus, of which 324 lethal. The number of active cases exceeded 8.6 million In connection with the increase in the incidence of Israel, like Russia, was not included in the list of countries whose citizens are allowed entry into the European Union. In addition, there are increasing concerns that Israel will not be able to fully open their skies on 1 August, as originally planned.Marianna Belenkaya