coins with the image of the Indian political and public figure, leader of the national liberation movement of Mahatma Gandhi will begin to be minted in Britain. On Sunday the newspaper reported The Sunday Telegraph.

According to her, earlier the head of the British Treasury Rishi Sunak turned to the expert Committee at the Royal mint to consider the possibility of “recognizing the contributions of blacks, Asians and other ethnic minorities not only in history but also in present and future” United Kingdom. The same for several years sought British activists, writes TASS.

it is Planned that after Gandhi the British coins displays an image of scout Noor Inayat Khan, born in Jamaica nurses Mary Secol, as well as soldiers of the British army were from India and Nepal, was awarded the Victoria Cross – the highest military award of great Britain.

Earlier in Britain issued a coin in honor of Elton John. So London has estimated the contribution of the 73-year-old Maestro in the art of music. According to information from the mint, there is this year going the same way to honor other famous musicians of the country.