the Famous children’s doctor Leonid Roshal spoke about the Russian experience in the fight against coronavirus, the conclusions that he does from official statistics, availability of domestic medicine to outbreaks of infection and methods of protection from the virus.

“the Pandemic has become a test of strength not only for the health of the country but for the system of biological protection. To fight the virus quickly involved all levels of government, and the measures have allowed efficient and timely manner to change the situation in Russia” – quoted by Dr. Forbes.

a Growing number of patients who recover after being infected with a new type of coronavirus, said the quality of Russian medical care, said Leonid Roshal. To resist infection helps knowledge of simple sanitary regulations, and a reduction in the number of contacts. “If I didn’t wear a mask, gloves, in his 87 years, and could not survive isolation,” added the doctor.

Speaking about the situation with COVID-19 in other countries, the expert commended the efforts of China and Germany, in which “powerfully worked medics.” Russian experts are also working on a vaccine that will help to resist the virus. Trials are several medical centers in the country.

Earlier, the Ministry of health gave permission to conduct clinical studies of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine from COVID-19, developed by “Vector”. And in November, the state scientific center plans to start industrial production of medicines from a new coronavirus infection. Actual information about the most promising domestic vaccine is also published on the website stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.