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Prime Minister Boris Johnson after discharge from the hospital passed the new test for the coronavirus, he gave a negative result. However to work he will return only after receiving permission from the doctors
The most popular professions of the near future managers in the promotion of social networks and programmers. In addition, we will need people who are "working hands" - locksmiths, electricians, plumbers, said "RG" Director of the center of employment of the population
Program in honor of the birthday of Alla Pugacheva, the series on the book the Guzel Agenoy and replaced the TV program "good night, kids!" and the show "What happened next?". This and much more await viewers this week on television and the Internet
Lemon, honey and garlic strengthen the immune system, but a significant role in the prevention of coronavirus infection are not playing, said the CPS. In order to protect themselves from COVID-19, it is necessary to observe measures of social isolation, he reminded the office
In Sweden the number of infected by the coronavirus, has exceeded 10 thousand people, the deaths of almost 900. However, the authorities refuse to impose strict measures, believing that the recommendations enough. "RG" talked with residents to learn their opinions on this approach
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
A group of leading Russian scientists and clinicians have prepared methodical recommendations "Drug therapy of acute respiratory viral infections in ambulatory practice in the period of epidemic COVID-19". The document is addressed primarily to primary care physicians
Moscow drivers are moving around the city without a pass will be fined 5 thousand rubles, said the speaker of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. In case of a single violation of a car to evacuate will not be
Vyacheslav Butusov, presented his instrumental album, ChiaroScuro. Each of the 12 new songs dedicated to the masters of the Renaissance. About this and also about life in isolation, he told the "RG"
More than 60 percent of Russian citizens are ready and willing to provide volunteer help in the spread of the coronavirus. These are the results of a recent poll
Employees of criminal investigation Department of the Moi of Russia in Moscow detained the swindlers who sold the elderly pseudokarst. They informed the seniors about the allegedly revealed they have serious diseases and offered to buy an expensive "medication"
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was discharged Sunday from the hospital, was on the verge of death, but doctors managed to save his life. This was told the head of the government of the United Kingdom in the video
Demand for rental apartments in Moscow fell by 20% over the past two weeks. Also, a new trend is landlords offer for the first few months to reduce the recruitment cost by 10-20 percent
Honoured artist of Russia Renata Litvinova put the author's play "Postmortem injuries" in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The premiere will be held in the fall of 2020. The Director promises a spy story with gunfights, car chases, death and, of course, love
A new wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus will cover the world in November, however, will cause much less harm. This opinion was expressed by the head of the anti-COVID-19 in Shanghai Zhang Wenchun
Until April 16, will be organized three export flight from Bangkok. On Tuesday, the Russians stuck because of the restrictions in Thailand, will be able to go Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, on Thursday in Ufa and Kazan on the same flight
The interior Ministry of Russia called the regions of the country, where in January-February this year was a lot of crime. The three leaders of the list included Moscow and Moscow region, and Krasnodar Krai
Analysts made a rating of Russian regions by the number of jobs. Over the past three years in 25 regions it has increased - the leaders of the Moscow region, Moscow and Krasnodar Krai. In the 60 - reduced
Radio play with Alisa Freundlich, online-interview with Oleg Basilashvili, a crochet lesson with Nina Usatova, archival performances and photos from the meeting will present to the audience the theatre in its new resource - an online platform БДТdigital
Half of Russian motorists supported the idea of prohibition of movement on the streets, except in cases of extreme necessity. These results showed a survey involving almost 20 thousand people
One in six people infected COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan has been recovered. Such data results the Ministry of health of the Republic. Just at the moment in Kyrgyzstan recorded 419 cases of infection with coronavirus
Today Moscow residents can apply for permit for movement around the city. They need only one who goes to work in moderanization or other personal Affairs. The system of special permits will be effective from April 15
More than 500 signatures of Russian writers, publishers and book lovers is in the "Open letter to the scribes in the Government of the Russian Federation". They ask for Cabinet making books in the list of commodities and to prevent the collapse of the book industry
Changeable weather expected this week in almost all regions of Russia. Warming will be replaced by a sharp cold. On the North of the Krasnoyarsk region - Blizzard, and in the South is warmer than in the Crimea
Sberbank offered to everyone free of charge pass a test Sber Covid-19symptom checker, allowing to quantify the probability of coronavirus. The algorithm is based on statistics symptoms of open data who
Rescue groups in kindergartens is increasing. In the regions, increase the virus for some enterprises and industries. But there is a group where only two of the baby. What to do for a mom working third shift
The correspondent "RG" learned how to build bridges during a pandemic. Because this work cannot be stopped even in the period of complete isolation. Residents of the regions new bridges will be free from congestion
The Russian currency will remain hostage to the situation on the oil market and the impact of the pandemic in the fashion industry on the global markets. But remain in the ruble and a significant factors
In Russia approved the "success fees". Now lawyers will be able to get a substantial share of the winning amounts. Offer may be tempting for those citizens, whose business is good, but the money to start the trial no
In terms of isolation exacerbated the problems that already exist in the family, said the chief psychiatrist of Moscow George Kostiuk. How to cope with stress in the four walls and to protect loved ones from nervous breakdowns, he said in an interview with "RG"
In the regions in April continue to enter into force the laws, not only related to the pandemic coronavirus infection. They create the conditions for future economic development, introduce new benefits and even holidays
To go out for payment ZHKU in cash is not worth it. Moreover, many Bank branches, settlement centres and cash management companies now on the weekends
Catholic Easter in Italy this year takes place in conditions of isolation. Review the usual way of life had everyone from average citizens to the leadership of the country, from simple priests and the Pope
Quarantine measures and the risks of catching the virus in crowded places has forced citizens to go to the country house. "RG" figured out how to connect the house to utilities and provide it with an electrical autonomy
For the first time in history all 50 States introduced a state of "major disaster". This means that the damage from the incident is so serious that it requires long-term recovery programs. Expenditures from the Federal budget in this case is determined by the President
Cosmonautics day is a great opportunity to talk with kids about space. Especially for young researchers, dreamers and future astronauts "RG" picked up seven fun and useful books about astronauts, rockets and the distant stars
After the introduction of isolation frequent complaints of neighbors on each other. Common rules for the observance of silence in Russia, but the problem is solved. Will tell you which organization to contact if to endure the noise intolerable
The number of calls and their duration significantly increased in conditions of isolation. The operators draw attention to the sharp increase in traffic in the messengers. The leading regions for growth in voice traffic: Moscow, Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl region
Alexandrinsky theater will show videos of performances that have become iconic and significant to the theatre, but already gone from the posters. Theatre gives viewers a unique opportunity to see the once beloved performances
In the International skating Union its first Vice-President in charge of figure skating. The post Alexander Likiernik is June 2016. We talked with him about will there be a world championship skaters this season, and much more
To date, a cure for coronavirus in the world haven't been invented yet, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. According to her, now all countries are in the search of drugs, find some approaches but the solution has not been found yet
Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially discharged from the hospital, where he stayed almost a week. However, the policy until able to return to work, as it awaits the recovery period
The President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik in an interview "RG" told me that a law that comes into force in December, introduces the remote salutation format to the notary. Will also be able to distance the transaction
15 thousand of Russian schoolchildren did not notice the transition on the remote control. These are children who are on family learning. What do you think about the current schools situation, the parents of these students and professionals - in the article "WG"
At Easter the churches in the Czech Republic is usually filled with parishioners. However, on 12 April, the day of Easter Sunday, this tradition, perhaps for the first time in the last hundred years have been violated. Read more about this in the material of the correspondent "RG" in the Czech Republic
In regions where the situation develops favorably with the incidence of coronavirus infection "freeze" the economy is not necessary, said the Kremlin. On the contrary, where possible, to ensure the continued production
For Saturday in the capital composed 1358 protocols of Muscovites, who kept social distance. This measure was applied to those who used to gather in groups or was on the street without probable cause
The Federal Antimonopoly service has recorded a stabilization in retail prices of ginger, dramatically became popular against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. In large stores ginger is now worth from 400 to 700 rubles per kilogram
Today, the famous animator Konstantin Bronzit turns 55. Two of his most recent work dedicated to the astronauts. The first earned him a nomination for "Oscar", the second hit him in the shortlist. "RG" talked with Konstantin Bronzit on the eve of the anniversary
Across Russia there is a work project volunteers #Myvote. Pensioners who find themselves in isolation at the time of the threat COVID-19, volunteers help with the purchase and delivery of food and medicine. In their ranks were joined by the St Petersburg correspondent "RG"