That will help the tourist industry not to fail the summer holiday season

Mountains are waiting for the holidays

workers in the tourist industry of the North Caucasus, with whom managed to communicate the correspondent “RG”, said hope for the summer.

I Hope him and most of the inhabitants of the villages located near the resorts that are somehow earn on tourists.

One of the main centers of attraction for guests from all over the world in the North Caucasus is mount Elbrus, which annually make the ascent of thousands of people. And get paid for it. “Most of those who work on the mountain, receive piece-rate wage, told the mountain guide and climber Eugene Kheraskov. – took group – has the money. No group, no money”. Now all of them can only follow the news about the situation with COVID-19.

Photo: RIA Novosti the Russian Government has allocated 3.5 billion roubles to support tourism

And then what? According to Alexander Dzagoev, a representative of a company that specializiruetsya on city breaks, they are ready to resume work as soon as they abolished all restrictions due to pandemic. Dzagoev sure that the tours will be the most popular. As tourists, most likely, will prefer budget travel. “The main thing now – not to lose specialists, – said Dzagoev. Aggravates a situation that, unlike other areas, we can’t go online”.

In this tense situation, many entrepreneurs rely on the help of government. And she heard them. “Our priority is to ensure the safety of tourists and staff – said the Minister of economic development of Kabardino-Balkaria Rakhaev. The second task is to take measures to resolve the economic situation of industrial enterprises. We offer tax and vacation credit”.


About the situation in the tourism industry and about its prospects, “RG talked to the Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia Dmitry Gorin.

the national Park “Bikin” from the coronavirus stopped taking tourists

Dmitry, if our resorts and companies that spetsializiruyutsya on tourist routes, possibility to take a rest? Because the vouchers are now not sold. And tourists will be more than usual. Abroad, few people will go.

Dmitry Gorin: All will depend on how quickly we will deal with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Now travel company temporarily, till may 31, has suspended the creation of new tours. And then we will be guided by the recommendations of the Federal tourism Agency, which gave a temporary recommendation on the limitation of such visits.

Federal tourism Agency will take steps to summer season took place? What?

Dmitry Gorin: Comprehensive support for the tourism industry now goes in different directions. And last week there was a report that Rostourism proposed to the government a package of measures to support the domestic and outbound tourism.

Photo: iStock defines the procedure to return the tourists money for cancelled tours

We are confident that subsidies to promote domestic tourism, which is now discussed at the government level, will definitely help in the summer season the companies to resume their activities. I industry today the main hope for government support. It is very important. And we hope that the list of regions that will participate in the subsidization of domestic tourism, will expand.

And for inbound tourism what are the prospects?

Dmitry Gorin: This is a subsidy program, the deferral of payments to the Fund from personalresponsibility, to the reserve Fund. Even have the opportunity to use the Fund personal liability for payments to tourists. Next year will be e-visa.

what about the visas that foreign tourists have already issued, but never used them?

Dmitry Gorin: developing the strategy of the renewal of such visas. It is also in the set of proposals that discuss and community organizations, and tourism. Taken together, this simplification of visas and the possibility of obtaining grants.

To those measures already discussed, in your opinion, what else should I add?

the Prospects for recovery of the tourist market was discussed in Moscow

Dmitry Gorin: First of all, the industry does not need tax deferral, and tax holidays. Plus the possibility of soft loans. But most importantly – it is a direct subsidy, because without it will be extremely difficult. Today all the firms are actually in the stopping state.

in addition, tourism cannot exist in isolation from related sectors such as airlines, hotels. They also need support of the state. Including of wages, because in this situation, firms have no way of paying the money to employees.

What new forms of leisure can be operationally deployed to support and holidaymakers, and agencies with resorts?

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS the Cabinet is preparing a second support package of tourism industry

Dmitry Gorin: These forms are, but talking about them before. We must first begin to form new tours to understand people’s preferences, what will be the demand.

But, unfortunately, this is out of the question. It is necessary to wait until the end of the regime of self-isolation. But I will return if demand thenknown. Whether people have money to travel and vacation? Now nobody will tell you.

And if you will? What the industry must focus to do that?

Dmitry Gorin: On the development of package tours that can accommodate a Charter flight and special prices on hotels. All Federal tour operators have offers on package tours.

But, unfortunately, the forecasts are not very optimistic, because the figures on the spread of the coronavirus does not give rise to planning. And the formation of the tour have to start in advance.

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