The UK has summed up the results of the three-week quarantine

Very soon, the penalties really have to pay – not pounds and the ten-thousand deaths of Britons infected with coronavirus in the past three weeks. The speed of propagation of an epidemic, apparently, was not counted by the government of the United Kingdom. For cases not enough in hospitals the need: qualified medical personnel, beds in intensive care, antibiotics and ventilators.

the UK will extend the lockdown to the seventh may

British doctors, without mentioning their names, told reporters horror stories about what is happening today in hospitals of the country: work shifts lasting 13 hours, violation of safety procedures during the inspection infected patients, lack of protective gear, which is accompanied doctors and nurses in makeshift robes from plastic garbage bags. In recent weeks in Britain, died on the job from being infected with coronavirus 19 employees of the National health service.

doctors from the Midlands, who asked not to be named, bitterly reported a total of understaffed hospitals that do not have enough intensive care beds, antibiotics and artificial respiration. The result is forcedly canceled recognized “non-urgent” operations in Oncology departments. The danger expose yourself today, true to the Hippocratic oath British doctors and nurses that are comparable with the work in front-line hospitals in the midst of war.

a BBC television Report from one of the best centers of medicine of the University College hospital (UCL) of London, showed a story in which the viewer “admitted” in the intensive care unit. I will not go into details. Let me just say that it was a shock: you see people on the verge of death, and swaying doctors in alien garb, in a desperate attempt to keep this outgoing person here on this side of life.

Photo: REUTERS/Hannah Mckay New test Johnson on the coronavirus came back negative

this alone seems enough to do everything in your power to stop this nightmare of unprecedented cruelty of the epidemic. Who owns this power? It owns the leadership of the country has received from its citizens the mandate to rule. This means that no prohibitive of the establishment, no matter how hard they may seem, cannot be rejected if we are talking about the health and welfare of your people. The British government has introduced quarantine measures in effect for the past three weeks and that work frankly weak.

For all three weeks of quarantine, going to the store or for a short walk on air, I never saw in my area of London not a single policeman. This clearly suggests that the measures are “emergency” measures were in words – but not always. Passers-by on the street sidewalks of London is becoming day by day more and more, so in order to avoid nose to nose and to keep a distance of two meters, sometimes you have to slip on the roadway. As for stores, drugstores or even some of the outstanding institutions that you can go there not counting the number of its “Walker”, because your movements, despite the promises of the authorities, no one, alas, not watching. During the period of quarantine was fined total of 1084 person willfully violated rules of conduct.

Depressing news to no end. According to the charitable organization “Foundation Food”, are hungry today, half a million British, because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, they are left without work. The epidemic and followed her quarantine shut down small companies and small private enterprises, lisiv their employees earnings. Financial support from the government, these people can not count. According to the newspaper The Guardian, in Liverpool during the period of quarantine, 150 percent increase in request from local authorities for “emergency grants” to those who were left without a livelihood and cannot afford food and pay for utilities. The number of hungry people in the last three weeks grew up in Britain in half, and in some regions of the country and twice, according to Dr. Rachel Loopstra from king’s College London.

In London died, the doctor, warned Johnson of the danger of coronavirus

What is the next phase of the battle of Britain with the coronavirus? The country’s leadership, according to today’s information in the local media, considering two options: the extension of the quarantine or the introduction of the scenario of the so-called “herd immunity”. The first option looks absolutely logical and tested already by a number of countries affected by the epidemic COVID-19. The second option is dire. Its essence lies in what to recover will have without any vaccinations most of the population, then the survivors of alleged develop into immune to COVID-19.

This option strongly rejects the head who Tedros Ghebreyesus, considering it a kind of gamble. Throughout the current turmoil and uncertainty in Britain for further action it is very difficult to draw some sort of line. As my buddy works in the city of London, “today sitting on a powder keg.”