The Turkish President refused to accept the resignation of the interior Minister

the Reason for the negative reactions of the population to the interior Minister began his statement on the introduction in 31 provinces, including Ankara and Istanbul, curfews. The ban on leaving the house for two days was introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus. In the end, frightened by the prospect of being two days without food, the population went EN masse to even a shop to have time to buy for two days. Thus, according to eyewitnesses, a lot of customers were without masks, although two weeks earlier had issued a government Directive on the compulsory wearing them.

Photo: AFP the Turkish Authorities imposed a state of emergency in 31 cities

“for two hours in some areas having concentrations of people. But it was only in certain places. Yeah, I didn’t see this. Although I have some experience. But I don’t think what happened will cause serious problems in terms of the spread of the coronavirus,” said Suleyman Soylu in his defense.

member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of health of Turkey Professor Serap of Simsek Yavuz noted that as a result of actions of the interior Minister, “all the rules of personal hygiene and protection from infection have been violated”. “It is sad that this 30-day effort of the Minister of interior to curb the spread of coronavirus have been wasted because of the bread and sparkling water”, the scientist quoted in the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. On the meaning of the decision of süleyman Soylu to resign, opinions differ. The opposition claims that the resignation of the Minister was agreed in advance with the head of state. Others, however, called the desire to the interior Minister to quit the noble act and conduct of the Association with the name of the Minister – Soylu in Turkish meaninget “noble kind”.

In Adana in southern Turkey by the police during curfew controlled the city from helicopters

meanwhile, a two-day curfew in Turkey has ended. As noted, the Ministry of interior of the Republic, people in General observed the ban on leaving the house, but 18 770 people were arrested and “subjected to administrative and procedural punishment”. Suleyman Soylu assured that pet owners who were fined for walking Pets, the money will be returned. But the rejection of a curfew does not mean the removal of the regime of self-isolation. The movement on the street individuals under 20 and over 65 in Turkey is still limited surroundings of the house. Schools, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers remain closed, suspended almost all prayer meetings. As they say in social networks residents of Istanbul, during curfew hours, the metropolis looked like a Ghost town. There were no people on the streets, traffic jams, the usual noise of the usually busy city.

Turkish homeless will be accommodated in guest houses of state agencies for pandemic

In Adana in southern Turkey by the police during curfew controlled the city with helicopters. In Eskisehir in the West used street cameras. Thus, Turkey continues to struggle with the coronavirus. For public transport in Ankara and Istanbul there are new restrictions in the cabin will not pass without masks, no more than 50% coverage of passenger space, the driver must also be in the mask. All stops on the set, bottles of disinfectant gel.