Online lessons for students were replaced by television

Photo: Yegor Aleev / TASS can school a stress test on remote

Younger students distance learning is particularly difficult: a computer until they own not very good. Their parents received a lot of messages about problems. Therefore, the district administration decided to transplant the young students from laptops to TVs.

Pilot lessons in mathematics and Russian language for children from third and fourth classes held teacher school in the village of the Seekers of Alexander Belousov and Natalia Tarasenko. The material shown on TV, fully complies with the school curriculum. Only teleology shorter than usual – go for 25 minutes.

– Hello dear third graders! I’m glad to see you again the lesson of the Russian language. Let us remember what we talked about in the last lesson. That’s right, verb, – Alexander Belousov screen creates the guys have a complete sense of presence on the usual lesson in class.

Photo: Nikolay Gagarin / WG Students and teachers have mastered remote training without the Internet

Classes will broadcast the entire period of the restrictions associated with the threat of coronavirus infection (today in NAO was only one case). Those who have not had time to turn on the TV and you can watch the video tutorials in the group of the Department of education, culture and sport NAO in social networks.

Television distance-learning interested and in the neighboring Arkhangelsk region. Here launched the project “exam, give up!” for eleventh grade students. Leading teachers of gymnasiums, schools and Universitys of Pomerania carried out for graduates of the online consultation in preparation for the unified state exam with the opportunity to ask a question and get an answer.

First look at classes was only possible on the Internet. But from this week began to show on the air of regional TV channel for students from remote settlements, which is not always stable mobile communication and access to the global network.

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