Stanislav Pozdnyakov said about porting Games-2020 and working in isolation

Yesterday, in connection with the transfer of the timing of the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, the Executive Committee of the ROC approved the decision of the Bureau of the Executive Committee on the extension of the period of implementation of the Program facilitate the training of candidates to the members of the Russian Olympic team and participation of the Olympic delegation of the Russian Federation in the games of the XXXII Olympiad in 2020 to 30 September 2021.

Details on this and many other told us the head of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

the International Olympic movement for the first time in its history, faced the need to transfer the Olympic games. What was the most difficult in your opinion for decision-making on dates?

Photo: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong terms of completion of selection for the Olympic games

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: Originally dates ranged from next spring to late summer. It was necessary to consider many factors: the timing of major international tournaments, the restructuring of the competition calendar, the obligations of the organizing Committee of the Tokyo 2020 sports facilities, the transfer of their property to third parties, including the Olympic village, which was ready for occupancy in November of last year. Issues that require prompt decisions, was really very much.

it is Important and right that the decisive moment of the IOC consulted with the leaders of the big twenty, which in the teleconference expressed support. It became clear that the key steps of the international Olympic movement will be supported by the majority of States and major broadcasting corporations, manufacturers of sportswear, global sponsors, and all key partners of the IOC.

it Should be noted that in this part everything is quite smoothly and powerfully job. And edpossible the right decision to postpone the Game for one year in equally suit everyone including sports organizations and federations, which had to revise their schedules and the schedule, including qualifying competitions for the Olympic games.

it is Important to understand that from year to year any athlete approximately the same scheme doing the season, including various competitions, recovery, active preparation for the main starts and so on. The decision of the IOC and the organizing Committee of the Tokyo 2020 about porting Games for exactly one year, in this situation, one way or another have satisfied almost all of our colleagues.

Photo: AP Why is the schedule of the Olympic games in Tokyo is constantly changing

frankly, when I learned that the Games are transferred, the ROC was satisfied with this decision?

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: Yes. We supported for its part the IOC at the stage of preliminary discussions. Our position here was very specific. Priorities – the health of all participants and guests of the Games, as well as the interests of the athletes. As for OCD, that it was important for us with no breaks to move to a new format of work under restrictions related to the coronavirus. It was done to provide all of the necessary processes technologically to on a daily basis to conduct the required activities of the Program facilitate preparation for the Olympic games in Tokyo.

the Program, of course, had to quickly change. Here is the most complicated aspect of the fact that almost all expenditure commitments OCD need to extend for one year while maintaining the same funding and the same contractual obligations that we have with our main sponsors, first and foremost with the company Gazprom.

the number one Task, whichParadise now on the agenda, as a way to help our Russian sports federations, on whose shoulders the whole training teams. Coronavirus was abolished not only competition, but also planned training process, and the global economic crisis at the same time seriously affected the financial possibilities in almost all spheres. Elite sport is no exception. Revenues fell and expenditures after the Olympic games has increased significantly. For example, all foreign trainers working in sports federations, receive their salaries from the funds allocated for OCD. They, for obvious reasons, to extend their work at least until the summer of 2021. However, many specialists went home. Thus, in Federation of judo Ezio Gamba with his colleagues are now quarantined in Italy. However, despite the fact that the preparation process is suspended and is not in the active phase, it is important for us to expenditure commitments, relating to salary of foreign coaches and specialists, are fully implemented. This is a fundamental question.

Photo: / avtrusova How the athletes keep in shape at home

ROC had to revise many of its programs and projects to optimize financing costs in preparation for Tokyo 2020. Something moved, something overturned, where some have reduced or completely sequestered budgets. Forced, but necessary measure. All the Russian Olympic Committee is well aware. The Executive Committee unanimously supported our decision.

We proceed from two basic principles. First steps to take in the interests of the athletes. The second review of the program settings, without prejudice to the obligations related to the preparation of athletes in winter Olympic sports for the Games in Beijing. The costs of winter won’t reduce the ruble. The most important factor to keep a full and effective assistance to athletes, both in summer and winter sports as part of their preparations for the Olympic games.

I Know that a lot of questions today, cause of the Olympic licenses, the preservation of quotas, selection criteria.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: Now, the international Federation actively carry out consultation to a maximum of two weeks to present their proposals to change the format of qualifying for the Olympic games. Basically, already now it becomes clear that most of the federations are going to mirror to keep the system of selection for the Games: how it was planned to realize in 2020, move to 2021-th.

More than 50 percent of the athletes and federations held their qualifying events. The second half of the licenses slightly less than 43 per cent, have yet to play. It is important to be fair to all athletes who participated and will participate in the Olympic qualification. To make the qualifying points they won in the season 2019/2020, was moved to 2020/2021, and appropriately decorated in the form of a final license.

Athletes are fighting for peace and unite their efforts against the pandemic

the other day I talked to the President of Federation of wrestling of Russia Mikhail Mamiashvili. In their international Federation, this work is already underway. It is important that such authoritative organization in international sports and the Olympic movement as time went on the mirror path of moving all its activities. In any case, now will be a lot of reasons to discuss changes to the selection system.

There is, in my opinion, two key principles. First, conquered earlier license must be maintained, and, secondly, it is necessary to provide all possible athletes possible to prepare for qualifying tournaments. And, if they are planned for andApril-may this year, in 2021 should take place in the same period. At the beginning of the sports season, which starts in late summer – early autumn, athletes need to go through several preparatory stages. First of all, to gain a good physical shape after a long absence of competition and sports practices. Then participate in some tournaments. And then, when the athlete will be already at a high enough level, you can hold a qualifying tournament in order to fairly identify the strongest and most worthy to participate in the Olympic games. It is the task of the coming months. And we are carefully studying this question with our colleagues who represent Russia in the Executive decision-making bodies of international sports federations.

this raises the question – and whether will be able to prepare properly for Games, for example, our age athletes?

Photo: EPA Famous athletes gave advice on the preservation of the forms in isolation

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: is actually a tough question, it’s true. Our experienced and honored athletes an extra year of training to go on one breath is hard. Here we have to do our best to provide them all possible assistance. First and foremost, our national Federation should develop a flexible programme entry in the season, to help in the preparation for the Games themselves. All very individually. I am sure that our colleagues will handle it, because in the federations working quite a lot of qualified specialists able to find solutions to such problems.

Again – we all have different conditions. Recently this topic was discussed with Stanislav Shevchenko, President volleyball Federation. From his point of view, the number of direct SOPthe dwarf birch of the Russians, who have in the compositions of the over-age players, the chances to win are reduced. We also have enough young teams in volleyball and an additional year of training you can efficiently use to get more prepared for the Game from the point of view of experience. But again, each Federation has its own situation.

I Want to mention another important point. If you pay attention at the nearest reserve of the national teams of sports, in many disciplines we are the leaders in the Junior standings. This suggests that we have a long and promising, say, a bench that is also important from the point of view of internal competition. We look like two or three years ago were our present and potential candidates for the Olympic team at the Junior level. And we see that they was highly regarded, won the gold medal. This gives reason to expect that, despite the extension of training to Tokyo for a year, the top athletes will continue to appear and teams will be able to stay on the leading positions.

the Ministry of sport launched the campaign “Train at home”

Now all the athletes sent home. Do you agree with the need to abolish all centralized total fees? It’s a blow for the preparation…

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: Now for all of us it is fundamentally important to how to pay more attention to their own health, to minimize, and preferably to try to completely eliminate the risk of acquiring coronavirus infection. This is our principled position from the beginning of the spread at that time still not even a pandemic, and epidemic. Bring the athlete to a high level, which he requires for successful performance in specific competitions, like the Olympic games, always a difficult task. And if, God forbid, a disease? The effects of the virus are still not fully understood, but we can say unequivocally that recover have a long and needed the level will need much more time and effort.

So now the corner needs to be health care. The main task is the observance of measures of prevention and security. All the concerns – and our colleagues-leaders, and athletes and coaches. Today we need to be at home. A time when it’s important. I sincerely hope that all potential candidates in the Olympic team, our esteemed experts will be healthy, and with good

Stanislav, I have to ask, how do you comply with the isolation?

Stanislav Pozdnyakov: Fulfill all the requirements and recommendations related to the quarantine, observe all precautions. Now because each person is responsible not only for themselves but for their relatives, for the health of other people. This is important. Like all OCD employees, work remotely. At home, the whole workflow’m here, active never stops moving in one direction. This created all technical conditions in order to constantly stay in touch with colleagues. The feeling thus formed such that direct communication became much more, as well as a number of operational issues that require quick decisions. So working from home is in full swing.