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How to survive a time in which many people from COVID-19? We're talking about the period of the regime of self-isolation, quarantine, remote operation, closure leisure organizations. About this "RG" said the existential psychologist Vita Kholmogorova
The life of the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange is under threat - outbreak of coronavirus identified in a London prison Belmarsh, where he held for a year in anticipation of the start of extradition hearings. This was reported by the newspaper The Guardian.
Google and the Russian space Agency has prepared answers astronauts to the most popular questions from Russian users of the network. Watch the stories of the astronauts about life and work in orbit and try to repeat it at home. Imagine that the closest store is 300 kilometers of airless space
The famous TV presenter and journalist Boris Berman presented the 10 best movies that you can watch in isolation. The audience is left only to trust and listen
A day in Russia revealed 2 186 cases of coronavirus infection in 52 regions of Russia. These data are reported by the operational headquarters for monitoring and control over the situation with coronavirus
In the regions began to disinfect the entrances of apartment buildings. Because the law is not provided, questions arise, for example, at whose expense all this to do. The correspondent "RG" was apprised of the situation
Animator, screenwriter and Director Konstantin Bronzit cosmonautics Day marks 55 years. In honor of the birthday of one of the main animators of our time "RG" prepared a small test
On April 12 the world celebrates the cosmonautics Day. On this auspicious day the Explorer, "RG" talks about what kind of music listen to our astronauts in orbit
Ports and cargo terminals on the Baltic sea, in spite of quarantine and isolation, continue to work. Some of them help the janitors with products and supply raw materials for the production of masks
Starting with the flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin April 12, 1961, orbit was visited by 566 people from nearly forty countries. To the Day of cosmonautics "Russian newspaper" have gathered a collection of interesting facts about flights records and astronauts - some of them you just were not known
Nurses who work to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, can stay in hotels near work. They provide all the conditions for work and rest
Marks a half-century feat of crew of the Soviet nuclear submarine K-8 sank April 12 in the waters of the Bay of Biscay. At the moment, immortalized the names of the 37 sailors of the 52 victims, the search for relatives of other characters continue
Announced in Russia non-working days should not be included in the procedural time limitation, the Chairman of the Council of judges of Russia Victor Momotov. This means that in these days suspended including within the Statute of limitations and complaints of the decision taken
The ruble exchange rate from 6 to 10 April showed a record for the last two years strengthening. This became possible due to rising oil prices. Expert "RG" explained how developments in the foreign exchange market will develop further
Every day in the capital is 18 thousand studies on the coronavirus. This figure has led the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. "In particular, we have ensured the testing of all patients coming to the hospital with pneumonia," said he
The island of Freedom in the era of pandemic COVID-19 regularly sends medical teams to help the different countries, that becomes the target of attacks from the United States. What lies behind the accusations of the Americans - in the reporting of the correspondent "RG"
The government has included all kinds of motor fuel in the recommended list of non-food commodities. Still it only means liquefied natural gas
In the case of increasing the number of patients with the coronavirus in Irkutsk have started to convert the hospital. The readiness to receive patients in the hospital of veterans of wars - checked out the correspondent "RG"
For subjects of small and average business have additional opportunities to delay the payment for lease of Federal property. This will affect the business in the field of transportation, culture and entertainment
For two weeks, during which the Hermitage was closed to the virtual "visit" to about 15 million people. As in the days of the epidemic, lives one of the greatest Russian and world museums and what the philosophy adheres to, "RG" was told by its Director Mikhail Piotrovsky
Evening service on the eve of palm Sunday differs extraordinary beauty. This year, however, the clergy asks the faithful to abstain from coming to Church. Maria gorodova talks about why it is important to celebrate this holiday and how to make it at home
By order of the chief sanitary doctor of Moscow churches in the capital are closed to parishioners. Patriarch Kirill called on Orthodox Christians to pray in their homes and participate in Church services during their broadcast
Virologists in the UK will be ready to test they have developed vaccines against COVID-19 people in the next two weeks. The chance of success is estimated at 80 percent
April 15 in Moscow generate a digital pass for travel around the capital by car and public transport. "Russian newspaper" tells in detail about the three ways of obtaining such permits
Easter service in churches of the Russian Orthodox Church will pass away, but with a limited number of members due to the pandemic coronavirus. This was announced by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk
A day in Russia revealed 1667 cases of coronavirus infection in 49 regions of the country. Died in days 12 patients. This was reported by the operational headquarters for monitoring and control of the situation with COVID-19
In the capital confirmed 1030 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Of them - 47.5 per cent of people aged 18 to 45 years. Currently registered in the city 8852 case of coronavirus
Sophia Loren voiced a movie in which very emotionally thanked Italy and the Italians, who have shown unprecedented unity in an emergency. Within one minute the actress and the living symbol of Italy expresses its gratitude to all, who every day continues to work
Russians are not fully aware of the importance of the mode of isolation and overestimated the effect of garlic and lemons, said the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko. He also said, when you can assess the effectiveness of measures against coronavirus
In Kyrgyzstan, continue to record the distribution of cases COVID-19 among health care workers. In recent days identified 12 physicians infected with a dangerous infection
Vacation credit can be taken only once. Therefore, before to do this, you should check whether the deferred payment of the price that she had to pay. "The Russian newspaper - Week" gathered importantly, can be useful for informed decision
Medal "For the capture of königsberg" was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 9, 1945. Just this award was granted 760 thousand participants in the war
On April 11, the planned two flights for the evacuation of Russian citizens from abroad in the regions. In particular, from Bangkok to Saint Petersburg will arrive about 50 people, and then the same Board will go to Moscow with roughly 300 passengers
General producer of "Match TV" Tina Kandelaki told "RG" movies and TV shows, she advises to look at in isolation. In the ranking of her favorite TV shows were "the Morning show" and "Locke Key". From movies, she advises "Contagion" by Steven Soderbergh
Until the end of the pandemic COVID-19 for employees of the NPP introduced a special environment. Some time they will spend in isolation in the departmental dispensaries. "RG" visited one of these resorts
Experts advise to buy nitrile gloves and one size bigger. From gloves made from latex, it is better to refuse. Wearing these products it is recommended that no more than two hours
Actors theatre "Modern" on camera reading poetry and prose, said Yuri Grymov. Writer Elena Chizhova is working on a novel. MIM Anwar Myampquot; took photos for "RG". And writer Valery Popov felt the Earth's rotation
Prominent figures of Russian culture appealed to the international community, to the leadership of UNESCO with a proposal to hold in June, the international cultural marathon in support of the foundations of the world community and its fundamental values
UEFA has denied the information that the number of cities that will host matches of the championship of Europe in 2021, can be reduced. Earlier the press reported that the issue are Bilbao and Rome
For a short period of online study to domestic students had to invent a lot of tricks that allows you to stay home from school and avoid bad ratings. Teachers tracked online some popular among students Lithgow
The defense Ministry and the Czech foreign Ministry has virtually rejected the request of Sergey Shoigu to send Russia to dismantle the monument to Marshal Konev, saying that it is not within the purview of their departments. The story led to protests in the Czech society. Details - in the material "RG"
The Bank temporarily allowed banks to issue mortgages remotely due to pandemic coronavirus. This follows from the words of the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. She noted that demand for mortgages will grow
The basketball player of CSKA and the Russian team semen Antonov gave an interview to "RG". In it he, in particular, told how works in isolation, how best to finish the Euroleague and why the decision to transfer the Olympic games was correct
In remote Russian villages the spotty Internet and cell phones. Distance learning is carried out there via email and duty tables. Helps and TV, which broadcasts a special program
Attempts to transfer to Russia the participants of the international terrorist organizations who have received combat experience in the composition of the armed groups in Syria and Iraq. This was stated by security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev
The police will not detain citizens with expired passports and driver's licenses in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. Also there will be a systematic work to identify violators of regimes of quarantine
Artists, history, stories, art dealers and curators, or otherwise associated with the experience of a lonely inspiration or hard of loneliness, presented in the online project of the Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin. It is called symbolically - "100 ways to live a moment"
Two-time Olympic champion in pole vaulting Yelena Isinbayeva officially entered the athletes Commission of the all-Russian athletics Federation. "I am convinced that the voice of sportsmen must be heard," she said
Test test of immunity to coronavirus infection has shown that he has only 3% of Russians. In 20-25% of people infected with coronavirus show no clinical signs of the disease, and experts don't know yet, is in this case, the immunity or not
In Germany, France, Spain and Italy there is a positive dynamics in the fight against the coronavirus that inspires cautious optimism. The reverse pattern is observed in Africa, where for the poorest countries