The Americans sent the Syrian opposition strange

further complicating the explosive situation in the presence of Sevrage overcrowded prisons for captured militants of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia). Epidemic COVID-19 in these camps with appalling conditions of detention will lead to mass riots of prisoners, full fraught with destabilization of this region of the SAR.

Photo: AP Photo/Alex Brandon United States oppose aid to Iran

Realizing the anxiety of the situation, Washington decided to act. As reported in early April, in charge of the region Central command of the U.S. armed forces controlling the North-East of the SAR, opposition “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS) on behalf of the international anti-ISIS coalition was handed a batch of equipment to combat COVID-19 in the amount of $ 1.2 million. The item handed over to Kurdish forces equipment in addition to medical devices, gloves, defibrillators for hospitals in the cities of Hasakah and Haddadi got non-lethal weapons to quell riots – masks, sticks and shields. So, to put it mildly, strange in the fight against the novel coronavirus “humanitarian aid” is not accidental – from the prison and captured by ISIL militants in al-hasakah same at the end of March has already been an attempted mass escape of prisoners. Prior to that, similar incidents happened in other detention centres, and new riots don’t seem to take long.

When the penetration COVID-19 in prison for members of theorganization in Syria happens medical catastrophe

According to media reports, the American leadership is seriously concerned that captive in the battles for Raqqa and other Syrian cities, the terrorists are using the impending epidemiological crisis to further radicalization of its members and the recruitment of new supporters. Tuberculosis and other diseases and sweepstfollowing are more than 20 such “places of confinement”, has already prepared all the conditions for an outbreak of coronavirus infection.

“Prison is very, very crowded. Social distancing is simply impossible, people Packed them very, very closely”, describing the Politico situation with the content the Americans controlled the SDS more than 10 thousand prisoners of ISIS, two senior officer of the international coalition. According to them, all she can do in the current situation, is to “provide training and equipment for riot control and skills for the treatment of prisoners in case they get out of control.”

Photo: AFP/DELIL SOULEIMAN the UN special Envoy warned on the difficulties of deterrence COVID-19 in Syria

As reported-funded by the US government “Voice of America”, in the case of penetration COVID-19 in places of deprivation of freedom for members of theorganization, among which about 2 thousand foreign citizens, there will be a “medical catastrophe.” To extinguish it with the help of batons and violence if output, it is clearly only temporary and fraught with a new wave of extremism in the region. Unless, of course, the U.S. is not going to privately use deadly infectious disease as a “final means of” solving the problem of prisoners of ISIS, which currently there is no possibility neither to prosecute nor to dissolve their homes.