To work and to the country: answers to the most common questions about digital badges

Can a person that sleeps with me in one apartment, to drive me to work on his personal car? At the same time he works remotely.

– the purpose of the trip, how to haul another person to work, in the decree of the Moscow mayor is absent. It is therefore necessary for the duration of the restrictive measures to use public transport or to travel by car (if possible).

my wife and I are going to my wife’s car to go to the suburban area. We both have the badges to indicate the number of this car?

Yes, in both blanks, you must specify the number of this car. But in any case, leaving the place of residence must be associated with the goals specified in the decree of the Moscow mayor.

How to request a pass to Moscow provided that on a country site the Internet is working bad? When calling the phone: +7 (495) 777-7777 have to wait very long.

– due To a high number of calls wait time phone number: +7 (495) 777-77-77 can reach several minutes. In the near future the number of operators is increased and all who need a pass, can get it in the shortest time. You can also take the opportunity to pass by SMS to the short number 7377.

be Charged the money when you send a SMS to receive a pass?

No. For SMS tools are not retired.

What to do if you want to get from one point Moskovs Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG The dangerous virus began to cash in scammers all mastakas region to another, and I was in Moscow?

You need to pass in the manner prescribed in the Moscow region. For more information payect by phone: +7 (800) 550-50-30.

Caring for a relative with a disability. He does not move on their own, and I regularly see him. But we live in different neighborhoods. What to do?

– to Move around the city on foot is possible without a digital pass. In any case, leaving the place of residence must be associated with the goals specified in the decree of the Moscow mayor. The restrictions are temporary. If possible, better to move to a relative in need of constant help or transport him to her. Unfortunately, this is a necessary measure to preserve the life and health of each of us.

For residents older than 65 years, provided home delivery of medicines, which are prescription for free or at discounted prices, as well as medical devices (laid prescription free). To order groceries, medicines and other domestic problems of elderly and chronically ill Muscovites can call the phone number: +7 (495) 870-45-09. To help them come social workers and volunteers.

Heavy-duty truck will carry the commodities from Moscow to Moscow oblast. There is a document stating that the company where he’s going, it works. Do I need the driver to issue a digital pass?

– Yes, from April 15 to digital permit for movement to Moscow it is necessary to issue permit for such movements.

Can contractor employees to be located in the customer premise, for example, grocery store or salon, for carrying out construction or repair works?

– If the organization carries out construction activities, it should be guided by the norms of the decree relating to the construction activities. Such activities in face-to-face format is suspended, except for some special cases.

whether crossing guards?

– Employees of security companies PRexperienced not needed, they are Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG Psychologist told how to change the Muscovites after vendemiano to have a valid photo ID to the security guard. The goal of the movement should conform to the decree of the Moscow mayor No. 12-MIND.

My car is registered in another region. Can I drive in Moscow, receiving a pass?

– Yes, if you get a ticket for the trip to Moscow. However, the goal of your movement should match the order of the mayor of Moscow.

to drive to work, alternately use multiple service vehicles and public transport. How to make a digital pass? One or several?

in one pass. It will operate until April 30, no limit on the number of trips and routes. The number of the car you can only specify one.

I Have no “Three”, I buy single tickets for public transport. What to include in the box intended for room transport card?

– If you use single tickets or pay for travel Bank card, leave this field blank.

Plan a trip in a taxi. Do I need to provide any additional information about the car? How to specify the route, especially if it involves multiple destinations?

– To travel by taxi to specify vehicle information is not necessary. If you are planning to visit several places, enter their addresses in the “destination Address”. Taxi service can validate your pass when you order the car. In any case, leaving the place of residence must be associated with the goals specified in the decree of the Moscow mayor No. 12-MIND.

if I Can without a digital pass to return to Moscow by car, if you are in the country in the suburbs?

No, for any movement in Moscow and the Moscow region using personal or public transportation card is needed.

If I need to go to the country, I have the same day return or can stay there the night?

– You can return the same day. In this case, to pass on the way back is not required. If you go to the country overnight and will come back the next day, you will need to get a new digital badge. Please note that a pass for travel for personal purposes, you can obtain not more than two times per week. In any case, to leave the place of residence only in accordance with the purposes specified in the decree of the mayor of Moscow 12-MIND.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG Moscow says the experience with the regions to work with coronavirus infection

Live in another region, and I planned hospitalization in a Moscow clinic. Do I need to arrange it?

Yes, you need to arrange a pass for a single visit to the medical organization. It is issued for one calendar day, and it can be an unlimited number of times.

How to obtain a passport for travel to work, if I was in one district of Moscow, working in another, and now live in the country in the suburbs?

– To issue a pass on the job to specify the address of the place of residence is not necessary.

If I am to continue the working activity, but are an individual entrepreneur or self-employed, what was point?

– To design PRget to travel for work so the citizens have to provide your tin.

what time is issued a pass to travel around the city? What to do if you want to move on the same route several times a day?

– Pass for a single movement shall be issued for one calendar day. A pass for travel to work is issued for a period up to 30 April.

This document is published in “RG” on Wednesday, April 15.