the Chief Prosecutor of Sweden Christer Petersson, decided on June 10 to stop the investigation of the assassination of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Olof Palme, who was shot late in the evening of 28 February 1986 in Stockholm. This is stated on the website of the Prosecutor General of Sweden.

As noted by the attorney General, after 34 years of investigation it is difficult to expect the emergence of new circumstances, so it was decided to terminate the investigation.

the Prime suspect, according to Petersson, it remains Stig Engstrom, an employee of the Swedish insurance company, which did not suit the socialist views of the Palma (the murder happened, by the way, three days before the visit Palma in the USSR). Angstrom himself committed suicide in 2000.

As emphasized by the Prosecutor in the case there are a number of circumstances that indicate that Angstrom was a killer. “If the current investigation team was working, that Angstrom could be taken into custody,” said Petterson.

However, for many years in the murder of the Prime Minister suspected Christer Petersson (namesake of the current attorney General of Sweden), known for its criminal tendencies, alcoholism and hatred of Palme. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1988, but then acquitted, and died at his house in 2007.

Olof Palme – Swedish politician and leader of the Social democratic party of Sweden, was twice Prime Minister of the Kingdom. Spoke with anti-war positions. Criticized the U.S. for sending troops to Vietnam, the Soviet Union for the invasion of Afghanistan, is committed to the exit of Sweden from NATO, supported nuclear disarmament and the Palestinian authority.