in Parallel with the simplification of this procedure in the country will be increased control for its intended use, said June 10 the Deputy Natalia Golub. In the decree, she said, introduced a two-tier system of decision-making on the release of foreign donations from taxes. Simplified the approval procedure for the purposes of its use.

Henceforth the “office of the President, decisions would be only indisputable, not causing doubts about the intended use of the assistance. A decision aid for other purposes and exempt it from taxes will be accepted by the interdepartmental Commission,” – said the MP, whose words quoted by BelTA.

However, she added that the final “decision-making about the use of aid for the stated purpose is possible only with the positive opinion of the KGB, and for tax benefits is the opinion of the competent authority”.

in addition, said Golub, the decree introduces the obligation of the authorities that issued the conclusion, together with the Executive committees on the territory of which is used help to analyze the achievement of the expected economic or social efficiency.

She believes that the introduction of a package of measures regulating the interaction of the regulatory and local authorities “is intended to ensure the organizational cohesion of their action to prevent the misuse of foreign gratuitous aid”.