In Madrid, Spain, local residents staged bucket protest against the socialist government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, and for the early lifting of the quarantine. A video published in the Telegram-channel RIA Novosti.

It is noted that only a few hundred people out on the street Nunez de Balboa, where they live mainly voters right people’s party and far-right VOX. The footage shows that people are holding pots and banging on them with ladles or spoons. Many of the protesters wore flags of Spain as cloaks.

In April in Spain have extended the high alert of coronavirus until may 9th.

April 17, it became known that the Spanish authorities in may 2020 plan to present the concept of unconditional basic income. The amount of the allowance has not been established, however, the authorities previously discussed, a figure of 500 euros. The initiative is designed for all citizens, but above all it should improve the situation of the Spaniards, whose incomes are most affected because of the pandemic coronavirus.

According to the project of the Johns Hopkins University, in Spain 230 698 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Country sanmeet fifth place for this indicator. Only 27 563 people died, 146,4 thousand cured of the disease.