American magazine Forbes has compiled a list of five Russian towns, which often do not pay attention to the tourists. It noted that the country has many interesting places besides Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Forbes said that Yekaterinburg is a large cultural center, the “third capital”, “window to Asia”. However, it often remains in the shadows compared to other major cities. In particular, tourists are recommended to visit in this city, the Church of All Saints.

In Murmansk, you can see various natural phenomena, including the Northern lights and Elista is the only settlement in Europe with a predominance of Buddhism.

Pskov — one of the oldest settlements in Russia, so it will be interesting to visit for lovers of ancient history.

Khabarovsk is interesting because it is close to the border with China. As a consequence, there is, for example, created a unique culinary culture among the Russian restaurants there are many institutions with Asian food, said in Forbes.