“Especially now, when the going got tough in the economy because of the crisis, “crown”, we need to cooperate. Therefore meaningless sanctions should be canceled,” – said the politician. According to Schroeder, Berlin this issue should be guided not only political, but also historical logic of the relationship with Moscow in the context of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second world war and the defeat of Nazism.

“It was a brutal war of attrition with the purpose to force Russia to disappear from the world political scene. We must never forget that. And German policy on Russia must take this into account to a much greater extent than does the fact. The fact that in Russia, despite this terrible past, ready to build a relationship of trust with the new Germany, invaluable to us. Further support anti-Russian sanctions contradicts this,” concluded the 76-year-old social Democrat.

however, he rejected allegations of lobbying: “If someone sits on the Supervisory Board of an American company and acts fierce transatlantica no one blames him for the fact that these views are associated with the work. That only happens against Russia”.